'Absolutely unacceptable'; Michael Stewart left fuming with Rangers as SPFL wait further

By John McGinley

May 6, 2020

Outspoken pundit Michael Stewart has slammed Rangers for their handling of a dispute with the SPFL as clubs, including Celtic, continue to wait on the evidence of alleged wrongdoing.

In a statement last month, the Ibrox club claimed to have evidence from a whistleblower that would require analysis via an independent investigator.

They were left fuming by the SPFL’s handling of a vote to call time on the Scottish Premiership season on an average points per game basis, should the action be unable to resume.

Despite calling for the suspension of SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster, Rangers have yet to produce a single shred of their supposd evidence.

Authorities, clubs and fans have been left completely in the dark.

After a further reported delay in sharing their information (The Times), Stewart was clearly left annoyed, despite being a critic of the SPFL himself in recent weeks.

The BBC pundit said in a series of Tweets: “Rangers conduct for almost 4 weeks has been absolutely unacceptable. They called for an investigation “without delay” but have not presented any evidence. They also said other clubs had seen the evidence, if that is the case then they should’ve passed the info to SPFL board.

“They have now delayed showing the “dossier” to the 41 other clubs. Again this is simply unacceptable when you have called for the suspension of the CEO & legal advisor. This whole process has been unsightly & extremely unhelpful.”

General view of Hampden / (Photo by Oliver Hardt – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

This situation now needs to come to a head to be sorted out. Absolutely nothing is being solved while Rangers remain silent and refuse to release their evidence.

If there is a genuine problem going on behind the scenes at Hampden then clubs will more than likely back their calls to take a closer look.

Genuine evidence would be of interest to everyone, including Celtic.

However, Stewart is right to rail against such a long delay between accusation and evidence with a near never-ending stream of insinuation and rumour filling the vacuum.

With reports indicating we could hear of this ‘dossier’ before the end of the week, it seems like we might finally get clarity soon on the reasons behind the Ibrox side’s public whining.