Ange Postecoglou set for sit down talks with Celtic staff and players

By John McGinley

June 28, 2021

Ange Postecoglou is set to sit down for proper talks with individual Celtic players and staff over the coming weeks, in amongst training at Lennoxtown.

Postecoglou only got the chance to take training for the first time on Thursday, while much of his Friday was spent speaking to the media.

He has yet to make a number of key decisions but insists they are in the post if they need to be.

The new Celtic boss is ready to have a chat with everyone and get a sense of who is ready for the rebuild at Celtic.

As quoted by The Glasgow Times, he said: “That’s probably the one area I am really keen to get stuck into. To get around all the players. I have had two days and one half of that at Lennoxtown taking training sessions. I want to sit down with them all and just get a feel for where they are at.

“My experience tells me that in the environment I create, some thrive for sure. But others will really struggle. And you don’t have a choice in who they are going to be.

“That’s how I measure staff and players. I know people are keen to know what changes we are going to make. But I come from the perspective that we would rather make the decisions ourselves after we change the environment.

“There are decisions I have to take responsibility for so I will make them. I think some of the players will definitely thrive in the environment. That will make decisions easy.”

Good luck Celtic players and staff!

Maybe I’m just an anxious chap, but if I was reading that as a player or a staff member at Celtic right now I’d be getting a heavy dose of the fear.

It sounds like Postecoglou is going to be staring into their souls!

New Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou / (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

I’m sure it’ll be fairer than all that. It is encouraging he is ready to make the massive changes needed if he determines some existing at the club don’t have what it takes.

As long as he has the authority of the board and the new CEO, and it seems like he does, that can only really be a good thing.

I really think we’re in for a fascinating few weeks ahead of the FC Midtjylland tie. Everything appears to be on the table for re-arranging.

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