Former Celtic star Davie Provan has given his theory on why Brendan Rodgers left Celtic for Leicester City.

Supporters were furious with the Northern Irishman after his departure from Parkhead. It came on the eve of two monumental matches against Hearts and Hibs, which Celtic subsequently went on to win.

Since then, everyone has been giving their views on why Rodgers left. Was it to do with money? A bigger challenge? Couldn’t deal with the pressure anymore? There’s been all sorts of theories being banded around.

We’ll never truly know why Brendan Rodgers left Celtic (Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

And Provan has given a hard-hitting one to the Celtic support. Speaking in the Scottish Sun, the former Hoops attacker gave his verdict on the move.

“Those accusing Rodgers of betrayal need to wise up. He’s taken a better-paid job in a stronger league while escaping Glasgow’s sectarian cesspool at the same time.

“What’s not to like? When asked for his take on Rodgers’ exit, Gerrard chose his words carefully. He stopped short of a long-term commitment to Rangers for good reason. He knows he could be following Rodgers down the M74 at any minute.


“And if Rodgers has spoken warmly of his time in Scotland, he must be relieved he’s rejoined civilisation at Leicester.”

Nice to see pundits talking our game up

It’s good to see the likes of Provan are doing their best to put Celtic and Scottish football in a bright light.

Rodgers likely left because there was better money on the table combined with the lure of the Premier League. There’s no reason to believe that it was anything to do with a “sectarian cesspool”. If that was the case, why didn’t Rodgers accept any of the other apparent offers he had on the table in the past?

Brendan Rodgers was a Celtic icon (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

And Celtic fans have every right to accuse the Hoops boss of betrayal. He’s teased to them in the past about staying for 10-in-a-row, without actually confirming it of course.

Added to that, he’s constantly tried to get in with supporters by tugging at the heart strings about his Celtic background. Yet the first wink from a Premier League club and he’s subsequently off. And just days before two huge matches too.

Provan has to be more aware of the situation up here. Fans are passionate about their clubs, and sure, at times a little too much at times. But to accuse Glasgow’s sectarianism of helping to drive Rodgers out of Glasgow? Just save it.

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