Dedryck Boyata’s contract situation was certainly thrown up in the air last week.

The Belgian centre-back released a teasing video that showed him sitting in front of a paper contract. He also put a contract emoji on the camera for supporters to see.

This, as you would imagine, had us all believing a contract extension was a possibility. Yet, it’s nearly a week since the issue and nothing has been reported by the club. Even better, the manager has no idea about what’s actually happening.

Dedryck Boyata is in fine demand after a stunning World Cup with Belgium (VI Images via Getty Images)

It doesn’t feel like there’s any extension or new contract incoming for Boyata. Of course, there may still very well be a deal agreed in the coming days, but it doesn’t seem likely.

The big question, therefore, would be why did Boyata tease supporters in such a fashion?

The Belgian has to remember, and there’s no doubtng that he knows, that supporters are still angry about what happened in the summer. He deserves huge credit for getting himself back in the good books through performances, but some are still bitter.

Contract talk was always going to happen

He must have known when posting that video that talks over his contract would ensue. The mystery around the whole situation will have had many fans excited, and he could do with not disappointing them.

The World Cup star has done tremendously well since coming back into the side, but he’s still on a shoogly peg with many.

Of course the club and the player could still be in negotiations. But if that contract wasn’t anything to do with Celtic, then any form of extension is extremely unlikely.

Brendan Rodgers doesn’t know what’s happening with Boyata (Ole Martin Wold/AFP/Getty Images)

There remains no logical sense from Boyata’s part as to why he would wind supporters up like that or tease them. Perhaps he really wasn’t aware of how his video would go down? Perhaps it was simply a contract for anything else and he didn’t think over it thoroughly? Or he might just have thought it was funny.

Who knows? The fact is, however, that Boyata risks winding fans up once again.

Celtic could be waiting for a good time to announce his new contract, but that’s even more unlikely than him actually being in negotiations for one. There are options should worse comes to worst and he leaves.

The whole video idea was just silly from the Belgian, and he has to try and tread carefully from here on if no deal is announced.

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