Derek McInnes makes Celtic admission

By John McGinley

December 29, 2021

Derek McInnes has admitted he’s been impressed with the impact of Ange Postecoglou at Celtic, despite the initial chaos surrounding his appointment.

There’s been little love lost between Celtic and McInnes over the years. The former Rangers midfielder has had regular run-ins with the club during his period as Aberdeen boss.

Now though he is impressed by the work done by Postecoglou and thinks Celtic will get even stronger in the new year.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Derek McInnes reviews Celtic season so far

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “Rangers were settled and had the confidence of winning, Celtic were a bit all over the place and had lots of work to do before the season got underway. The managerial matters dragging out didn’t help much but since Ange Postecoglou has come in you have to say he has been very assured with his work.

“He’s very driven and very sure of what he wants from the team. The signings have been good and I think if he gets the chance to go and add more signings in January, the Celtic support will take confidence from what he’s already achieved.

“Getting the first trophy helps of course but the league is normally where it is decided if it has been a successful campaign or not. I do believe if Postecoglou is given the funds to strengthen he has the ability to have a really strong Celtic XI.”

It kind of pushes against the narrative from some rival fans that Postecoglou is a dud and Celtic are heading nowhere doesn’t it? McInnes is hardly a Rangers cheerleader but he’s also no ally of Celtic.

It’s not like we need validation, but it is good to see a bit of context when discussing Celtic this season, rather than some of the baffling comparisons to last season.

The turnaround in the feeling and fortunes of the club over the last six months is dramatic and Postecoglou has been the primary driver of that. It’s something that should be recognised more in the Scottish media.

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