Neil Lennon’s former Leicester City teammate Graham Fenton has backed Neil Lennon’s claim that Celtic should be crowned champions if the league season cannot be restarted, the Daily Record reports.

Fenton, who manages South Shields, saw his team’s bid for promotion wiped out when the English FA decided, as reported by BBC Sport, to null and void all football below the National League.

That includes Fenton’s side, who play in the Northern Premier Division. Neil Lennon said, as reported by the Daily Record, that should the season not restart Celtic should be the champions, and Fenton goes along with that.


Title-winning Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Title-winning Celtic manager Neil Lennon / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

” He was absolutely spot on when he said Celtic should be declared champions if the season ends now because they’ve done more than enough” Fenton said, as quoted by the Daily Record.

“All fairer options”

“Carrying the season on, playing behind closed doors or declaring the current standings final are all fairer options than what we’ve just been dealt. I hope Lenny doesn’t suffer the same crushing disappointment.”

You have to imagine that the Scottish FA wouldn’t take the same drastic measures that their English counterparts took.

Celtic celebrate another title

Celtic celebrate another title (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

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For a start, the Scottish Premiership has more at stake then non-league English football, with no disrespect to those leagues.

There are European places to be decided, for one. They won’t decide just to end the leagues in an instant, like the English FA did.

Good to see that Hoops boss has support

It is good to see that Lennon’s stance has support from someone who knows what it is like to have a league declared null and void.

That is an option that can’t happen in Scotland. It makes sense for the league to be declared as it stands, as that makes far more sense that just wiping away 10 months of results.

As Fenton says, Lennon and Celtic don’t deserve to suffer the same disappointment as he has, but only time will tell if the league is declared null and void.



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