Kris Boyd's subtle dig towards Celtic captain Scott Brown makes no sense

By David Walton

November 24, 2019

Former Rangers striker Kris Boyd made a subtle dig regarding Scott Brown’s potential Scotland return and linked it to his new DVD.

As many of us well know, there has been plenty of talk over the last week about Brown potentially returning to international duty for Scotland’s Euro 2020 playoffs in March. The midfielder stated that he would “never say never” to a return (The Scotsman).

This prompted Boyd to dismiss the idea. He instead believes that Brown was simply pushing the idea to help increase sales for his “Broony: Captain, Leader, Legend” DVD, which came out this month.

Here’s what Boyd had to say on the matter in the Scottish Sun:

Scott Brown hinted that he could be open to a Scotland return (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

“Scott Brown insisting he would pull on a Scotland jersey again, if we somehow make it through the play-offs and secure a place at Euro 2020, has sent many into meltdown.

“It almost broke social media. People are under the impression Broony is daft. One thing he’s definitely not is daft. The Celtic skipper has a DVD to plug and he made sure he was all over the back pages. Clever stuff.”

There’s absolutely no link

This comment from Boyd is just absolutely bizarre. Granted, he gives Brown plenty of praise in his column. He says he’s clever, and that he would even back his Scotland return if it was to happen.

However, Brown certainly didn’t make the remark to help increase DVD sales. Those will do just fine. You have to ask just where is the link here?

Kris Boyd believes Brown’s DVD is behind his Scotland comments (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Picture the scenario. You’re sitting reading the news and you see Brown talking about potentially returning to the Scotland set-up. Who then thinks to themselves, “Brown returning to the Scotland fold? That makes me want to buy his DVD even more”?

It’s just a pretty odd thing for Boyd to come out with. Brown doesn’t need to talk about Scotland to get himself spread across the back-pages. He’s on them nearly every week for his Celtic performances. It’s not as if he needs a higher-profile to sell more DVDs.

Brown’s Celtic performances have been sensational once again this season (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

In fairness to Broony, it seemed to be a bit of a throwaway remark too. He spoke plenty of times in those same comments about how beneficial the international breaks have been for him in recent months. He was evasive about the idea of returning overall. It’s unfair to paint any picture of him being seriously interested.

So it’s a bit cheap to toss in the idea that Brown’s Scotland comments are some sort of publicity stunt. There’s no connection there Kris, but it’s a good try regardless.