Legal expert claims it's "pretty clear" that Celtic would win the Premiership

By David Walton

March 16, 2020

Legal expert Simon Leaf has stated it’s “pretty clear” who would win the league in Scotland as he provided some context on club’s entitlements should the season end early.

There remains a massive debate over whether the season should end as is, or whether the entire campaign should be ruled null and avoid.

The Premiership has played 30 rounds of matches with only eight remaining and three left until the split. However, clubs like Rangers and Hearts may feel they have a case to fight if titles and relegation is handed out.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

However, speaking to the Daily Record, Mischon De Reya lawyer Leaf has stated that clubs can only take legal action if they can prove the SFA/SPFL’s decision is unreasonable.

“In some ways you could argue that the league has a bit more leeway in Scotland than they do down south. Having said that, I suspect there could be a similar provision in Scotland that we have down here, which basically says any club can challenge a decision of the league if it’s so unreasonable, no reasonable league would have come to that decision. The clubs would then have to prove that the decision was unreasonable.

“In England, and to an extent in Scotland it’s pretty clear who’s going to win the top leagues. However, beyond that everything is still up for grabs.

“But we have to wait to see what happens on Tuesday with UEFA. It’s being widely touted that they’ll delay the European Championships for another year and it wouldn’t surprise me following that, if they then delay some of the other European competitions this season.”

Celtic winning the league couldn’t be deemed unreasonable

Whilst the likes of Hearts, Partick Thistle, and Stranraer to name a few would have pretty valid complaints, if it is down to whether the decision is reasonable or not, Celtic should be fine.

Nobody could turn around and claim that Celtic aren’t going to win the league. Any opinion to the contrary would have to be backed up by evidence. Where on earth is the evidence saying otherwise?

This nonsense about Rangers winning two derby games and bringing it back to seven points is totally hypothetical. Besides, with their current form, how could anyone predict that to be the case?

Celtic lift another Premiership title (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Celtic and Dundee United are both running away with the Premiership and Championship respectively. It’s the same with Liverpool in the English Premier League. These competitions are just about over. Therefore, it stands to reason that they should all be crowned champions if the league ends.

But it doesn’t matter what way the Scottish football authorities go about their business. Regardless of the decision they make, this is going to get messy one way or another.

However, if any case is being determined on the grounds of reasonability, Celtic are in a strong position.