Our View: BBC backed results sum up desperation of Andy Gray and Hugh Burns

By John McGinley

March 24, 2020

BBC Sport have published the results of tests conducted by the Euro Club Index that show Celtic have a 98.87% chance of winning the Scottish Premiership title as things stand at the top of the table.

Using the relative strengths of teams and 100,000 simulations, the organisation provided the BBC with what they claim is a ‘scientific’ prediction of the remainder of the league campaign.

It’s come as football across Britain and indeed Europe has been postponed, with no real firm timetable given on its return.

That’s led to some calls that the league either be completed somehow at a later stage, declared null and void or simply declared as over, with Celtic named as champions.

Some Rangers supporting pundits such as Andy Gray and Hugh Burns have rallied against that latter suggestion, feeling that there would still be a chance for the Ibrox side to win the trophy.

Gray, in particular, said the title race was ‘too close to call’, which obviously sounds absolutely ridiculous when you look at the evidence and analysis provided by the Euro Club Index.

Speaking on the Keys & Gray Show, he said: “Celtic shouldn’t win in Scotland either. No Championship that’s unfinished should be declared finished.

“In Scotland, it’s even closer [compared to England]. It’s close and it’s not close as it might be or should be.

“But it’s too close to call still [in regards to handing out the title].”

Burns meanwhile was in The Scottish Sun today ranting about how it would not be fair if Celtic were declared champions.

It’s not worth arguing over a 1.13% chance of title glory when a resolution could bring real clarity and a financial boost to other clubs.

Celtic captain Scott Brown with Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Declaring the season over would at least unlock the prize money due to be given to clubs, helping them overcome a difficult next few months.

It would also mean that there is minimal disruption to the 2020/21 season.

Everyone wants to see a proper conclusion to the Premiership but if that’s not possible due to public health reasons and the advice of our governments, then it’s clear that Celtic should be declared champions.