Former MP and current peer George Foulkes has requested the UK Government urge UEFA into investigating the SPFL after Celtic were declared champions on Monday.

Foulkes was formerly a chairman at Hearts, who were relegated by the SPFL’s decision on Monday.

In a video posted to Twitter, he said: “I know sport is devolved but international relations are reserved to the UK Government.


“So will the UK Government make representations to UEFA to investigate why the SPFL are not carrying out their clear instruction to complete the top tier domestic competition?

“They are flouting what UEFA has recommended.”

This is a strange request for a number of reasons.

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First of all, UEFA president Alexander Ceferin has made it clear that leagues which cannot be completed can take their own decision on the matter, suggesting a route to UEFA competition next season will be open to clubs from those nations (The Daily Record).

Secondly, Foulkes is suggesting there is something worth investigating when the SPFL made it clear in Monday’s statement that there was unanimous agreement amongst all 12 Scottish Premiership clubs that the season can’t continue.

Thirdly, this is absolutely not a matter the UK government would usually involve itself in especially considering, as Foulkes notes himself, sport is a devolved issue.

Scottish football has been sent an ominous warning

Hampden stadium / (Photo by Andy Buchanan/AFP via Getty Images)

With no sign yet of the Scottish government allowing group training to commence, the idea that matches could take place and the season be completed is rather absurd.

The SPFL have been involved in a number of dramatic spats with member clubs over the last couple of months but there was absolutely nothing of note emerging from this week’s decision.

Hearts may not be happy with the relegation aspect but unless they can propose a realistic reconstruction model that clubs will agree on, it’s something they’ll have to deal with.

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