Some Celtic fans have been launching digs at Rangers-supporting pundit Alex Rae’s analogy yesterday.

Out of absolutely nowhere, the former Ibrox midfielder put forward a ridiculous horse-racing themed scenario yesterday. He used it as an attempt to try and put forward the case for the Scottish Premiership being ruled null and void.

Alex Rae

Alex Rae (Clint Hughes/Getty Images)

It was absolutely desperation stuff of the highest order. Rae, probably unsurprisingly, seemed itching for a virus to do what his Rangers pals couldn’t – stop Celtic from winning nine-in-a-row.


However, some Celtic fans and even BBC pundit Michael Stewart were quick to put him right on the matter. Here’s a look at the reaction below, with Stewart and Rae having a little ding-dong over the tweet:

Rae’s analogy makes little sense

Yes, there’s no doubt Rae would’ve been slapping his thigh when he thought of this one. However, it doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

Rae describes the horses as “fallen”. Well, nobody has fallen here Alex. A health crisis has swept the planet that’s led to the season being put on hold. So the race can still go on when a suitable time has been chosen.

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Seeing Stewart put him in his place was beautiful too. He was keen to point out that Rae shouldn’t be using his status to push partisan opinion. Especially considering he plays up his role as a level-headed pundit on Superscoreboard and BT on occasion.

Celtic are closing in on nine-in-a-row

Celtic are closing in on nine-in-a-row (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It just all reeks of desperation. No sooner had football in Scotland been stopped before the likes of Rae and others were out urging for a void league. It’s almost as if it’s the first thought that came into their minds when they heard of the football shutdown….imagine that.

In any case, it was great to see such a response to his comments. There’s no denying that this “race” we’re in still has to come to a complete finish – nobody has fallen just yet.

How did you view Alex Rae’s analogy? Where does it fall down for you? Was Michael Stewart right to respond? Tell us what you think in the discussion forum below.


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