It's time the Scottish public started taking some responsibility after Hibernian vs Celtic incident

By David Walton

March 3, 2019

Scottish football has certainly been entertaining this season, but we’re also now reaching unprecedented levels of immaturity too.

Sure, the increase in quality from the likes of Hearts, Hibs, and Kilmarnock has been welcome. Steven Gerrard’s arrival at Rangers and what he’s done there has also been extremely intriguing. The departure of Brendan Rodgers for Neil Lennon has just added to the entertainment factor.

Yet, when it comes to coin and bottle throwing, we’re reaching a new low in Scotland.

Only yesterday, Scott Sinclair had a Buckfast bottle launched at him. This came from a corner-kick sequence, and fortunately, the Celtic winger wasn’t struck. You can watch the Buckfast bottle incident below.

This comes after a coin was launched at a linesman during Rangers’ 1-0 defeat at Livingston towards the tail-end of last year. And we’re not playing favourites here either. It also came just a couple of weeks after a coin was launched from the Celtic end at Rugby Park at Kris Boyd.

Steve Clarke, meanwhile, has had to deal with sickening sectarian singing from the Rangers fans too.

Scottish football has taken a nasty streak this season. So much so that questions will now likely be asked of what can be done to stop these lunatics.

Can anything truly be done?

At the end of the day, there’s simply nothing that can be done. Think about this logically for a minute.

Stewards give bags a quick scan before entering a football stadium. But they don’t have time to go through each and every supporters’ pockets. There are far too many fans entering a football ground. It would take hours to get through everyone individually. Considering most fans also arrive around 15-20 minutes before kick-off, queues would be far too excessive.

Supporters also can’t be barred from bringing spare change into the ground either. Fans have a right to buy some of the refreshments at the stadium without having to break a tenner. That’s something else that isn’t an option.

Easter Road is just the latest venue to see object-throwing this season (Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)

Question marks will also be asked about points deductions. For me, this is one of the most unfair routes possible for football clubs. At the end of the day, clubs aren’t their supporters’ guardians. They can’t be held responsible for one idiot throwing something onto the pitch.

Call me cynical, but what’s to stop a Rangers fan going undercover in the Celtic support, launching something onto the pitch and getting us deducted two points, for example? You can say it’s far-fetched, but it’s a possibility.

There are not much more authorities can do at this point. Fans have to start taking some responsibility, as this remains a social issue as opposed to a footballing one.

Yesterday’s images were disgraceful, but it’s been happening all season. What more can the footballing authorities truly do that isn’t unfair to clubs?