Watch: Former Celtic striker Colin Kazim-Richards stands proud in opposition to Millwall fans booing BLM gesture

By John McGinley

December 5, 2020

Former Celtic striker Colin Kazim-Richards proudly stood in opposition to booing from supporters as Millwall and Derby County showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement today.

The jeering from the Millwall fans has drawn widespread condemnation from the English FA, as well as anti-discrimination campaigners such as Kick It Out.

You can see the incident below on the Sky Sports Twitter account.

It has been normal before major sporting events across the world this year for sportspeople to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, taking a knee and providing a symbolic gesture against racial injustice.


Celtic have been regular participants, along with the rest of the Scottish Premiership.

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Kazim-Richards, who played for the Bhoys during the 2015/16 season, has regularly chosen to stand with his fist in the air, instead of kneeling, prior to matches this season.

His opposition to the booing from the reduced capacity Millwall crowd was especially poignant today.

After the match, he took to Twitter to label the incident an ‘absolute disgrace’.

Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out said in a statement: “What this demonstrates is that players are right to continue standing up to discrimination, whether that is through taking the knee or speaking out.

“The fight for racial equality continues and we will continue to work closely with clubs across the country to tackle discrimination in all its forms.

“We applaud the players for taking a stand and defying the hate shown today.”

It’s truly saddening to see this symbolic gesture be treated by football fans this way.

Thankfully authorities and football clubs, including players, continue to speak out in an attempt to rid the game of racism and inequality as much as possible.

If you’re wondering, Derby County picked up a 1-0 win on the day, sending the home fans away miserable.