There is one decision next week that could put Celtic, the SPFL, and even UEFA on notice – the future of Wimbledon.

The iconic tennis grand-slam event is set to take place on the dates of June 29th to July 12th. However, a decision will be made next week on whether it needs to be postponed. The idea of playing the competition behind closed doors has also been ruled out by the All England Club (AELTC).

It remains to be seen what happens with it, but if it is postponed, it may be an eye-opener for UEFA, the SPFL, and every other league and football club in Britain.


Novak Djokovic may not be eating any grass this year

Novak Djokovic may not be eating any grass this year (Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

UEFA have urged all associations to have their domestic leagues wrapped up by June 30th. For the Scottish Premiership, that would mean starting around mid-May or the very start of June at the earliest (Daily Record).

However, if Wimbledon was to be canceled – surely that rules out the validity of playing domestic football and trying to wrap up all of our competitions before that event was even set to take place.

One sport can’t be ruled as more essential than another

Granted, there is a defence in that Wimbledon is an international event. The competition brings in athletes, coaches, and spectators from all over Europe and the world. Therefore, it’s a higher-risk competition to stage than domestic football competitions.

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However, football can still do the same. Opening up Celtic Park or Ibrox, for example, will still bring plenty of international tourists on a matchday. If one sport isn’t safe to play in Britain, then surely you can’t rule that another is.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo, which were due to take place in July and August, have also been postponed. That in itself shows that there are fears we will still be dealing with the virus by that period. We’re talking about playing a whole two or three months before that event for goodness sake!

Celtic Park may be empty for a while

Celtic Park may be empty for a while (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

But if Wimbledon follow suit, it would look ridiculous if the SPFL turned to Celtic and co and told them we were getting underway a month or so before Wimbledon was even due to start. Surely that in itself would be a huge risk to the players and supporters.

Football, at a time like this, must take a back seat. We all want the season to end as soon as it possibly can. But if sporting events all around us are being canceled later in the year, surely UEFA can’t expect football to just ignore it.

The decision on Wimbledon next week will be interesting.

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