It's time for Celtic to back Hibernian owner's alcohol plan

By Hamish Carton

February 27, 2020

Any of the Celtic fans who travelled over to watch Neil Lennon’s men in Copenhagen last week are likely to have had a good time.

They’ll tell you about the city, the stadium and the match itself, and chances are they’ll slip in a mention for alcohol.

Beer was available for Hoops fans inside the Parken Stadium – a novel idea that isn’t replicated in Scotland.

Beer was available in the Parken Stadium (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

But new Hibernian owner Ron Gordon wants to look at changing that.

“The fact that we can’t sell beer is a major thing,” he told the Edinburgh Evening News.

“They’re allowed in England, the United States, at rugby matches – pretty much everywhere else. It’s essentially a penalty on football.

“I don’t know what the best way to approach it is, but it’s on my list to see how we can move that.

Rugby fans can drink at games (ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

“The clubs have a responsibility to see how they can police that and themselves, but they should be given a chance to get back to that.”

Celtic could lead the alcohol debate

Given that Celtic have already led the way with a similar, but also different, issue such as safe standing, it’s maybe fair to assume that we’d be trailblazers again.

It’s 40 years since the alcohol ban was first introduced, in the aftermath of the infamous Hampden riots.

But society has comes on leaps and bounds since that black day, and football should be able to.

It’s time for Celtic to be pioneers again, and to get the ball moving by supporting Gordon’s fresh comments.

Celtic have led the way with safe standing (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

In a time when football has so much competition for punters’ attention, bringing in booze would surely increase the appetite to go and watch games.

Not to mention the potential financial boost it would give ourselves and the rest of Scottish football.

We’ve proven that safe standing can work in Britain. Now it’s time to continue the good work and end Scotland’s booze ban.

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