Fran Alonso reflects on a fantastic year for Celtic in the SWPL; discusses 'that' jacket

By Euan Davidson

June 3, 2021

Fran Alonso and Celtic face a potentially historic game on Sunday.

If the Ghirls beat Motherwell by a sizeable margin, and Rangers best Glasgow City, then the title could be ours [Flash Score]. That’s out of our hands, but what is still within grasp is Champions League football. It’s been an absolutely outstanding effort from the Ghirls, who have mowed down everyone in their path on the way to a fantastic league finish, regardless of the outcome.

With the end of the season in sight, it’s easy to feel reflective. Speaking to Fran Alonso, 67 Hail Hail asked what he’d taken from this season, and how that’s potentially improved the Spaniard as a manager.

Alonso told us what he learned:

“You cannot take anything for granted. Stick to your values, and most of the time it gives you a reward. And if [your values] don’t give you a reward in terms of results, you can always feel proud. You [maybe] don’t get the result, but you get the performance, the fight.

“The most important thing, in the most difficult time, we were able to make a family of our team. That’s challenging. I’ve been many years in football, and I know that’s the most difficult part. A team is a team. The more unity, the better they will compete.

“The way we have overcome issues, to not let affect the performances, the love between team members, that’s the biggest lesson for me. No matter what, we are together. We win together, lose together. Team chemistry has been fantastic.

“One very special thing for me, the reason I came here, the passion [of our fans]. By just winning football games… you can give moments of happiness to people. In a very tough year.

“We want people who watch us to feel proud. That we belong to the same group, the same family, the same club.”

Caitlin Hayes battles for possession against Rangers / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Celtic manager Fran Alonso and his magic jacket

As Alonso and Celtic have kept winning, a particular part of the Spaniard’s attire has been called into question. The Celtic manager has donned a very fetching Miami Vice-style jacket to prowl the sidelines. It’s been working, with the Ghirls beating Forfar Farmington 10-0 last week, amongst a litany of impressive results.

So, we had to ask: how vital has the jacket been in Celtic’s success this season?

Alonso told us:

“I think it’s been key. To play good football, you need fight, aggression, and I anger all the players when I put that jacket on.

“I know I’ve been criticised a lot, including [by] my Mum. But I’ve got a big personality, and we might see the jacket again on Sunday. Just to make sure we keep getting points!”

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