"All the lads talk about it"; Celtic youngster makes weekend plea to Hoops fans

By Euan Davidson

January 8, 2022

Celtic youngster Joey Dawson has explained the importance of watching B Team games, either in person or online.

Dawson, who made his first-team debut and nearly scored against St Johnstone, has made a plea to Hoops fans as the first-team continues its winter break. The B Team are in action against Caledonian Braves on Sunday, a Season Ticket bonus on the Pass to Paradise.

And Dawson has outlined what an impact it makes for the players when they know there’s an audience of Hoops fans watching. The B Team have been an exciting watch this season, with the best defence in the SLFL and a litany of attacking talent hoping to make the grade.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Striker Dawson, who arrived in the summer from Scunthorpe, says that the build-up for games being broadcast, or with large crowds, makes a tangible difference. And it doesn’t sound like lip-service, either.

He told the Celtic website [Celtic FC]: “All the lads talk about it.

“When there is a bit of a bigger crowd it riles you up even more, it makes you more determined to play well.

“Just before the break, when we played East Kilbride we noticed there were quite a lot of fans there and the Celtic fans were behind the goal. It inspires you because the jump to the first team is 60,000 fans watching you at Celtic Park.”

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Celtic youngster Joey Dawson showing right mentality for the big-time; another chance will come

Two things; it’s a shame Dawson’s shot got cleared off the line, and that it was at McDiarmid Park in front of just 500 people.

Because his head’s screwed on. The Celtic B Team players should absolutely be embracing the opportunity to play for the Hoops faithful with every chance they get.

And as Dawson points out, the next step is indeed being part of a Celtic team at Paradise. That should be inspiration to any player worth their salt.

Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

The chances look good for the Tommy McIntyre (pictured) led B Team players, too. The experiment, even if it’s just for one season, has worked. Players like Dawson, Bosun Lawal, Rocco Vata and of course, Owen Moffat, don’t look too far away from being first-team ready. The B Team squad has been given a decent platform to play competitive football, and they’ve taken it with every ounce of willing.

Of course, the Penny Cars Stadium is not Celtic Park, and the Pass to Paradise isn’t Sky Sports. But these things matter, especially at the foundational stage of a player’s career.

Celtic youngster Dawson has the right attitude. And by the sounds of it, so do his teammates.

We’ll be tuning in to see how they get on when Sunday comes.

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