Callum McGregor loved performance of Celtic youngster Owen Moffat

By Euan Davidson

July 8, 2021

Plenty of supporters will have been wowed by the performance of Celtic youngster Owen Moffat against Sheffield Wednesday yesterday, but Callum McGregor wasn’t surprised at all.

McGregor, who has recently returned from a post-Euros break, was speaking to Celtic TV’s ‘Pre-Season Live!’. Asked about the game, McGregor shared that he’s not shocked at all that Moffat made such an impact.

McGregor said [Celtic TV]:

“For young Moffat, his attitude’s been first class. I remember watching him at the end of last season, training on the astro himself. Every day, they would do finishing, and I was walking by thinking “he’s got a finish on him, the boy”.

“I wasn’t surprised yesterday, when it drops, he half-volleys it into the net. So it’s brilliant for guys like that to come in, have an impact and show what you can do.

“I always like to try and help young players coming through. I love to see Academy players coming in and doing so well. So, I’ll be trying to push them and help them as much as I can, and like I said, it’s brilliant that they can come in and show their personality, and show what they’ve got.”

Moffat wasn’t alone. There were impressive performances by the likes of Leo Hjelde, Scott Robertson, Adam Montgomery and plenty more.

It’s not just Moffat; Callum McGregor impressed by Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou

McGregor, very likely the next Celtic captain, has also spoken about his initial impressions of Ange Postecoglou.

You’re never likely to get anything too sensational from Callum McGregor, it’s fair to say. However, his words tend to be sage and considered, and he was a typically honest interviewee after matches last season.

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

So far, McGregor likes what he sees from the new boss. He’s not getting too excited, but he is keen on what Ange seems to be implementing so far.

He said [Celtic TV]:

“He’s very intense, in the way that he wants to work. Short, sharp, hard, intense bursts. He’s watching everything in training, he’s trying to suss everyone out.

“Obviously that what he needs to do. See what he can implement into the squad as well.

“Early signs are good.”

They are indeed. Next up for the Bhoys is a match against Charlton Athletic. After the 3-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday, here’s hoping for more goals, exciting performances and tactical cohesion.

Whether Owen Moffat can turn on the style again will be a point of interest for plenty of Celtic supporters. McGregor expects he likely will.

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