Charlie Nicholas' comments a symbol of Premier League arrogance

By David Walton

September 4, 2018

Despite his Celtic past, Charlie Nicholas’ comments symbolise the arrogance down south with regards to Scottish football.

Nicholas tries to claim that he’s a huge admirer of Scottish football. The former striker spent two spells at Celtic in between periods at Arsenal and Aberdeen. The forward is no stranger to football up north, and has plenty of experience in it.

The pundit can now often be found working for Sky Sports on their traditional Soccer Saturday programme.

Charlie Nicholas played both for and against Celtic (Chris Cole/Getty Images)

Occasionally, Nicholas comes out and comments on aspects regarding Celtic and Rangers. But his latest comments on Celtic’s lap of honour show the arrogance he has despite the fact he should know better.

Speaking today, Nicholas claimed it was poor of Celtic to do a full lap around the pitch, and questioned what they were celebrating.

Celtic did a lap of honour Sunday. What was that all about? You are second in the league and milking it when you are meant to be the best team in the country and you are the champions. This Celtic squad is closer to the pack than they actually realise. It was three points and a deserved win against Rangers but they are still looking up at Hearts. That is the reality where they are.

Oh dear Charlie

As a man full of plenty Glasgow Derby experience, what is Nicholas thinking? The passion in this rivalry knows know bounds, and you would expect someone of Nicholas’ past to understand that.

It’s also clear that despite being an apparent “Celtic man”, Nicholas doesn’t watch the club all too often. After each home game, Celtic always go around the supporters and applaud them for coming. It’s moments like this that have built up such a good relationship between the players and supporters under Brendan Rodgers.

Celtic deserved to celebrate their win over Rangers (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The Hoops have also been in a mini-crisis of late, and the win meant a whole lot to supporters and the players for a variety of reasons.

If Nicholas had watched much of Celtic in the past, he would’ve known that. But he’s not the only pundit to show ignorance towards Scottish football.

Well-known radio broadcaster Adrian Durham stated that the Old Firm was too big for Scotland. The English presenter felt that the game should instead be played at Wembley. Where do you even start with comments like that?

Last season, Brendan Rodgers had to deal with questions regarding several pundits down south and their disregard for Scottish football. As you would expect from the Celtic manager, he dealt with it all through class and dignity. More figures in the Scottish game should take note.

You would like to think that Nicholas, in the future, wouldn’t be so naive and ignorant towards the club that gave him so much.