The Celtic talks that have left Scottish football fans absolutely seething

By David Walton

May 6, 2021

There has been widespread anger from Scottish football fans over the Celtic and Rangers Colts proposal from the Scottish Lowland League.

The SLFL released a statement last night confirming that they had held talks with both of the Glasgow clubs. The goal? To try and shoehorn their Colts teams into the Lowland league for next season.

The clubs wouldn’t have an SPFL membership of course, which means they couldn’t be promoted. Therefore, if Celtic or Rangers won the league, there would be no opportunity to play in Scotland’s League Two in two years’ time.

Even though it’s a one-season only basis, it’s still left people fuming. Supporters of other clubs believe that both Celtic and Rangers are being shoehorned into a level they don’t deserve.

The lowest rung in Scottish football is the West of Scotland Football League, the South of Scotland League, and the East of Scotland league. Those three competitions make up the bottom of the Scottish football pyramid system. And people can’t seem to work out why our youngsters wouldn’t be starting there.

Celtic and Rangers proposal are hardly a disgrace

You can see why people are angry with this. It arguably degrades the competition’s integrity by having clubs in the division that can’t be promoted or relegated. You can’t imagine it will have left many of the clubs in Scottish football’s bottom tier too pleased either.

With so much controversy over the Super League over the last fortnight, some will argue similar principles are involved in this project. After all, if a club can’t be relegated, then where’s the integrity? But if it’s a one-season-only basis then it’s difficult to use that as your main argument.

The Celtic training centre at Lennoxtown / (Photo by Ross Parker/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Celtic and Rangers need to provide their youngsters with a bigger platform. It’s a credit to the Lowland League that they’ve understood this and are trying to come up with a way to make that happen.

Fans also must remember that clubs will get the chance to vote for this. Nothing is being enforced upon them, and if they don’t want Celtic and Rangers’ youngsters in the division, they can vote against it.

That still hasn’t stopped widespread fan anger over the proposal of course. Here’s a glimpse of what the rest of Scottish football think about the idea:

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