"More effort into a daft plane than saving their club from liquidation"; Celtic supporters laugh off stunt

By John McGinley

March 7, 2021

Celtic fans have reacted with amusement to a pretty desperate plane stunt from Rangers supporters this afternoon.

Minutes into the draw with Dundee United at Tannadice, a small aircraft flew over the stadium with a banner which read: “Can you see us now?!”

It references some pretty dated ‘Celtic Da’ patter from over the years that I can’t remember being used for about three seasons.

Obviously, it struck a nerve with some supporters of the Ibrox side because there they were, with flight goggles on, ready to get one over on us.

Except, no-one was really bothered, or raging.

On social media, the stunt was met with bemusement as much as anything. Those who didn’t offer that hit back with a bit of humour of their own.

Listen, I get it. Rangers fans are happy. We would be too. Let’s not kid ourselves there wouldn’t be jubilant scenes had we won ten-in-a-row.

But maybe don’t obsess over our matches, not involving you, to the extent you fly a plane over one. The stadium was empty lads, that just comes across as desperate!

In any case, the celebrations of the Ibrox supporters, in general, are causing more controversy than the plane ever will, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pretty unhappy with scenes in Glasgow tonight.

Ah well. The insanity of Scottish football rumbles on.

These Celtic fans have taken to social media today to share their thoughts on that lot trying to one-up us in the skies…