Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack postpones Q&A amid criticism; wants all focus on Celtic

By David Walton

February 15, 2021

Aberdeen just aren’t helping themselves at the minute after Dave Cormack made a controversial decision to postpone a hotly-anticipated Q&A scheduled for tomorrow tonight.

The Dons chairman announced the decision yesterday. He stated that this was to allow all focus to be on the club’s remaining league matches, starting with Celtic at Parkhead on Wednesday.

However, it looked set to be a grilling for the Aberdeen chief. Given Derek McInnes’ horrendous run of two wins in 11 games and no goals scored in five, Cormack was in for a rough night. Not least after backing his manager before Saturday’s drab 0-0 home draw vs St Mirren.

Aberdeen now sit four points behind Hibs in the race for third. In addition to that, their supporters have been left fuming with general performances on the pitch too. Cormack’s backing of McInnes last week didn’t go down well.

Cormack published a tweet earlier today that again outlined why he felt the need to halt the event. He said the following: “Live Q&A postponed NOT canceled. The risk of Q&A content being taken out of context, resulting in distracting media headlines, is something we’d all want to avoid on the day of the Celtic game. Sincere apologies for the late notice. We WILL reschedule the live Q&A event shortly.”

Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack at least communicating with his supporters

You can slag Cormack all you want for this move. Many will feel that he’s bottling it after yet another poor performance and result for Aberdeen yesterday. Especially given the late nature of the postponement.

However, at least he’s provided some communication with his supporters. At least he’s looking to host a Q&A session over supporter’s concerns. That’s more than can be said for how Celtic have treated their fans this season.

Granted, the decision hasn’t gone down well with Aberdonians. It’s clear the decision to push this back is seen as the chairman getting cold feet:

It’s clear to see that there’s an element of the supporter-base up north that don’t go along with Cormack’s way of thinking. Time will tell whether it allows them to be more switched on for Parkhead of course.

However, what’s interesting here is that this clash has been scheduled for weeks. Why Cormack has waited until after another alarming result just 24 hours before the event to cancel is the main question.

Yet another example of how much of a crisis Aberdeen are in ahead of Wednesday. Celtic need to ensure that we do anything but kick-start their season again.

In other news, a Euro source believes Celtic still want to clinch a permanent