Aberdeen make ticket announcement for Celtic game as they call for guidance clarity

By David Walton

September 23, 2021

Aberdeen have been forced into a hasty ticket announcement for their upcoming match against Celtic.

The Dons have hit out at the Scottish Government for a lack of clarity over the implementation of Covid vaccine passports. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated earlier this week that larger live events will require spot-checks [Scottish Sun]. However, the details of how to implement this haven’t been provided to clubs as of yet.

Aberdeen have stated that there have been constant calls for clarity towards government that have so far gone unanswered.

Photo by Andy Buchanan – Pool/Getty Images

Celtic fans will also be in attendance for the Granite City clash on October 3rd. However, Aberdeen have still been left in the dark over how to carry out spot-check implementation.

And as they made a statement providing ticketing information to all supporters, the Dons have made sure to take aim at government:

“It was our intention to hold off ticket sales until we had clear guidance from the Scottish Government on what the proof of vaccination proposals would mean in practice for the Club, our fans and away supporters. However, with limited time available before they are due to come into effect on 1st of October, we have taken the decision to place tickets on sale now.

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“We have done so on the assumption that proof of double vaccination will be a requirement for all supporters over the age of 18 and that spot checks will take place. We will share more information as soon as we have it confirmed from the Scottish Government via the Joint Response Group (JRG) from the SFA and the SPFL.

“The Club made representations on the matter to several MSPs from different political parties and, through the footballing authorities, to the Scottish Government. Questions remain over how the programme will be implemented and what this will mean for supporters who are not yet double vaccinated or who carry an exemption. Despite repeated calls for clarity, we understand that full guidance from the JRG will not be available until some point next week.”

Aberdeen right to be angry over Scottish Government handling ahead of Celtic match

It’s a ridiculous spot the likes of Aberdeen have been put in. To have a home match in less than a fortnight with no idea how to implement security strategies just isn’t on.

The Scottish Government have been far too silent with football on this. We have thousands of supporters cramming into stadiums yet it’s treated as an afterthought. This is a serious issue the government need to get a grip of. To be telling clubs they must introduce vaccine passports and then fail to give them guidance within an appropriate timeframe is nonsensical.

You can see how livid Aberdeen are here. No football club should have to assume how they’re going to have to operate. It should be made clear in black and white.

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If there is still confusion within government over how to implement spot checks? Simply push the vaccine passport date back. It’s difficult to understand why there’s a massive need to rush it in if processes haven’t yet been finalised.

Make no mistake, spot checks are certainly the way to go. That should ensure long queues are avoided at entry.

But it’s only useful if clubs know how they’ve to carry it out. The waiting game being played here is unacceptable.

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