Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes gearing up for hearing after Celtic clash

By David Walton

April 24, 2019

Derek McInnes is gearing up for his hearing this week, and appears to have had a change of attitude.

The Aberdeen manager was sent to the stand nearly two weeks ago in the Scottish Cup semi-final clash between the Hoops and the Dons.

He wasn’t the only one either. Assistant Tony Docherty had already been sent off, whilst there were red cards on the pitch for Lewis Ferguson and Dominic Ball. The Pittodrie side were a disgrace on the day regarding their indiscipline.

Derek McInnes’ side lost the plot at Hampden (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

McInnes, however, said after the match that his sending off was due to sectarian chanting. The Aberdeen manager took full responsibility post-match for his reactions. But, speaking to the Aberdeen Evening Express, McInnes seemed to have a slight change of attitude regarding it.

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“I am actually looking forward to the hearing and hearing what has to be said. I have a few things I want to say myself.

“On the day, I was disappointed I reacted. There have been other instances when managers have reacted and there have not been sending-offs or hearings.

“I know we have been criticised for lack of discipline (in the semi) but for me Tony Docherty did little wrong and Dom Ball did little wrong for that to be deemed a red card.”

Del still struggling to get over the defeat

A couple of notable points to take away from McInnes here. Firstly, he doesn’t exactly seem as willing to be held accountable for his actions as he did on the day. He was happy to accept his sending off at Hampden, but has now tried to turn it around with whataboutery.

Secondly, how he can still continue to justify Aberdeen’s indiscipline on the day is incredible. Aberdeen totally lost the plot. McInnes is clearly forgetting about the fact that Sam Cosgrove resorted to just diving around the place looking to win free-kicks.

McInnes is still trying to defend Dominic Ball (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

And finally, even after seeing Ryan Christie’s facial injuries and after the news that he’ll be out for the season, McInnes is still trying to defend Ball.

Does the Aberdeen manager still not realise that Ball was late and dangerous with the challenge? McInnes needs to drop this, because his opinion on the matter is becoming embarrassing.

But regarding his hearing, it’s time for him to also decide whether he’s guilty or not. One week he’s holding his hands up and admitting responsibility, the next he’s using whataboutery as a defence.

McInnes really ought to have a word with himself regarding how he views that Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden.