Alan Stubbs on why Celtic should be concerned amid Eddie Howe wait

By Euan Davidson

April 20, 2021

Former Celtic defender Alan Stubbs has given his insights into the Eddie Howe saga.

The Bhoys have been made to wait over their preferred candidate. Previously, Stubbs had banged the drum for Howe to Celtic, but there’s been a delay between an “agreement in principle” [Sun] and where we are now.

Speaking to the Celtic Huddle Podcast, Stubbs was asked by another former Celtic defender, Mark Wilson, about his view on developments.

Stubbs said [Celtic Huddle Podcast]:

“I think from Eddie Howe’s point of view, he’s in a really strong position. He’s holding all the aces at this moment in time. From Celtic’s point of view, it looks like they’ve put all their eggs in one basket, and they don’t know whether they’re going to get their man.

“If I was Dominic McKay, Dermot Desmond, I’d be quite nervous right now. It’s out there, it’s public that Eddie Howe is their number 1 choice. If this doesn’t happen, then the next person who comes in, the first question will be ‘how do you feel that you’re not number 1 choice’?

“I think the club the size of Celtic, [it’s] not necessarily that they’re prepared to wait, the club deserves a quick answer. This’ll be the biggest challenge that Eddie Howe has ever faced. It’s a huge step-up for Eddie Howe as a manager. He did a really good job at Bournemouth.

“It is a really difficult and precarious situation that Celtic find themselves in. Me personally, I don’t think Eddie Howe would be a candidate for the Tottenham job. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and get a real top European coach.”

Eddie Howe and his former Captain Cook / (Photo by AFC Bournemouth/AFC Bournemouth via Getty Images)

“Difficult and precarious” says Stubbs on Celtic and Eddie Howe

Honestly, the Howe to Celtic saga has gone on far longer than anyone anticipated. While a delay is to be anticipated, a full 18 days have been and gone since the Sun’s scoop.

That should have alarm bells ringing. Admittedly, football news is so much faster now. That means anything not happening instantly will automatically feel much longer. But even then, there’s legitimate concern as to whether Howe has had second thoughts about taking the Celtic job.

For sure, Howe fits the exact profile of what you’d expect Celtic to want. He’s young, ambitious, has Premier League experience and a track record of developing youth talent.

The accolades and the CV are there.

While few can say with any certainty about what’s happening, the club may need to get a move on to placate an angry fan-base.

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