Alan Stubbs credits Celtic for early arrival of Dominic McKay

By David Walton

April 22, 2021

Alan Stubbs has bigged up the importance of bringing in Dominic McKay early as Celtic look to kickstart their rebuild.

It’s going to be a long summer for Celtic supporters. Players who look certain to leave will likely be followed by others who looked in a good place to stay. That will likely lead to a host of summer signings coming into the club. Not to mention the fact we’ve still to appoint a manager and a Director of Football. We haven’t even had the vision of the club moving forward outlined to us.

But what we do have is our new Chief Executive in the door. McKay won’t officially take over from Peter Lawwell until July 1st. However, he will be part of a transitioning period over the course of the next few months.

However, Celtic can’t stand still in that period. A new manager needs appointing as soon as the season is over if not earlier. And taking that into consideration, Stubbs believes bringing in McKay early was an essential “part of the jigsaw”.

“That was a necessity”

As quoted by the Daily Record, Stubbs said: “This could be the biggest rebuild in Celtic’s history – that’s how big the job is. You’re looking at a whole new back-four, a keeper, midfield players and strikers – plus squad players as well. That just doesn’t happen overnight. Does it get harder with every passing day? I’d have to say yes.

“You have to bed these players in over the summer. The new boss has a huge job. I wish him all the best, whoever he is.

“Dominic McKay is going to be part of the rebuild. He’s got a big part to play too. He has all the other roles to fill as well. Are the club going in the direction of a director of football? There’s so many questions but probably not enough answers for the Celtic fans right now. They have completed part of the jigsaw by bringing in Dominic McKay early. That was a necessity. He had to come in before the summer as initially planned.

“But he will still be leaning on Peter Lawwell to show him how it works behind the scenes and it will take him time to get his ideas implemented to take the club forward.”

Time will tell the importance of bringing McKay in early

In truth, we won’t know the true effect of this until some time further down the line. We don’t know the timescale Celtic have on other appointments or even how they plan on going about making them.

That’s the disappointing thing if truth be told. The club is far too hush-hush with supporters. It simply isn’t a club that likes feeding us any information if it can potentially come back to bite them in the backside. In that way, they don’t like taking risks.

But there’s no doubt that getting McKay in now as opposed to July 1st is ideal at face value. It’s not a case of him simply doing the exact same job at Celtic as he did with the SRU. He’s jumping to a different sport. There will plenty of different protocols, structures, and operational aspects he’ll need to be informed about.

Dominic McKay (Photo credit should read ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Having this transitioning phase is great for McKay and great for the club. It should ensure that he’s well equipped to handle the summer rebuild when it comes around. In that case, he’s been thrown in at the deep end.

McKay’s first job at Parkhead – project rebuild – could even end up being the biggest he ever carries out at the club. At least in terms of quantity. For his first year, it will undoubtedly present challenges he could’ve done without.

But that’s the nature of things at Celtic. Football is a cut-throat business and likely a lot more unforgiving than rugby. Bringing him in early to get him used to things should stand us in good stead. Then again, let’s see where we are a few months down the line before it’s importance is stressed.

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