Alan Thompson says he hasn't spoken to Lennon in years; wants freshness at Celtic

By David Walton

December 7, 2020

Former Celtic coach Alan Thompson has called for the club to sack Neil Lennon, as he admitted on Twitter that he hasn’t spoken to the Hoops manager in years.

Thompson was part of Lennon’s backroom team after he was given the Celtic job on a permanent basis back in 2010. However, it would only last for two years as after Tommo’s time at Parkhead came to an unceremonious end.

But even though the Hoops great was given a big chance by Lennon to be part of something special in Glasgow back in 2010, even he can see that Neil’s time in the post should be up.

Replying to supporters on social media, Thompson made his voice clear whilst also admitting that he hadn’t spoken to Lennon in a long-time.

Lennon doesn’t even have the backing of his confidants these days

Thompson joins Chris Sutton in admitting that Lennon’s time is surely up as some of his best mates and former confidants in the game move to call for his removal as Celtic manager.

Sutton also sent a grim warning to Celtic on social media after yesterday’s 1-1 draw with the Saints when he said on Twitter that this “surely can’t go on much longer.”

It just feels like we’re stuck in a tiresome cycle at the moment. We see a dreadful performance for the team then call for the manager to either be sacked or for him to walk. We then see other high-profile pundits such as Sutton and co agree with us, only for the board to stay silent and act as though everything is okay.

Alan Thompson in action for Celtic / (Photo by IAN STEWART/AFP via Getty Images)

We then move onto the next game all of a sudden and put in another under-par performance and the cycle starts again. It feels like there’s no end in sight here, and Lennon’s refusal to believe that he isn’t the right man for the job isn’t helping us either.

Thompson and Sutton are reflective of the entire Celtic support at the minute. If there was even a modicum of plausibility that Lennon deserves to stay longer, these are the kind of pundits who would be the first to say so.

That they’ve now taken a grim turn in their views on Lennon shows you exactly where we’re at.

In other news, Lennon made a ridiculously concerning remark yesterday that proves it’s time for him to go.