Alex Rae’s comments on whether Celtic should be awarded the league title or not, as we all know, were ridiculous.

The former Rangers man decided to put forward an analogy of a horse race on Twitter. Rae asked the question of whether a horse wins a race if it falls along with the rest of the runners. However, the former Rangers man failed to acknowledge that nobody in Scotland had “fallen” as there’s been no error by any clubs regarding the current situation.

The current global health crisis has meant that Celtic haven’t been able to continue their run to the title. It’s not something done wrong on any of the clubs’ end.


Alex Rae

Alex Rae (Clint Hughes/Getty Images)

Rae decided to revisit his analogy on last night’s Superscoreboard (16/03). And, in doing so, he made another bizarre comparison by bringing the Scottish Cup into things:

“I put a thing on Twitter the other day – kind of tongue in cheek – saying if a horce race isn’t finished then you can’t get the title. So I’m in that camp – I don’t think you can actually give it.

“I have sympathy for everyone. I have sympathy for Dundee United and Celtic in terms of, they are clear favourites and look like they’re going to win it. But until the competition is completed – it’s like saying do you give them the cup as well because they’re massive favourites?

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“For me you need to try and get it finished.”

Rae is totally missing the point

The Scottish Cup comparison is utterly absurd. Rae is trying to make a point yet totally misses the matter at hand.

For a start, Celtic are only in the semi-finals of the competition. That means they have two games still to win. The difference between that competition and the league is that you only need to lose once to lose a cup competition.

Any Celtic supporter or football fan who believes the Hoops should be given the league says it due to the fact they’re so far ahead. In order for Celtic to lose the competition if we managed to play it out, Neil Lennon’s men would have to lose four of eight games at a minimum.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon

Celtic boss Neil Lennon (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As well as that, Rangers would have to win all of theirs. So there’s a massive difference between awarding Celtic the league and the Scottish Cup.

He tried to be smart on Twitter the other day. It wasn’t said the same professional tone as he tried to put forward on Clyde SSB last night. However, regardless of tone, he’s still 100% wrong.

It remains to be seen whether we get handed the title should we fail to play out the remainder of the season. But if we do, the Scottish Cup won’t even come into the authorities’ thinking.

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