American media talk up ex-Celtic youngster, Cameron Harper, tipped to feature for other Red Bull teams

By Euan Davidson

April 10, 2021

Did Celtic miss out big-time on youngster Cameron Harper?

The US football (yes, football) media seem to think so. Harper, who hasn’t long sealed a move to New York Red Bulls, is already earning appreciative nods from pundits.

Harper, who was brought to Celtic by Tommy Burns’ son, is being tipped to make a big impact for the Red Bulls. In a run-down of the premier young American talents, Harper ranked 7th [American Soccer Now]. Ahead of him were some fantastic names including Anthony Fontana and Paxton Pomykal.

We do say “fantastic names”, there. We aren’t too aware of them as players.

ASN hinted that Harper will be looking to make himself known to the Red Bull network of clubs. That could mean an eventual return to Europe for the winger. The likes of Tyler Adams and manager Jesse Marsch have enjoyed spells at either end of the Red Bulls club system.

The outlet said [ASN]:

“Last month, Cameron Harper completed a transfer from Celtic to the New York Red Bulls and the winger will look to boost the club’s attack while immersing himself into the global Red Bull organization [sic].

“Whenever U.S. U-20 manager Anthony Hudson gave interviews in 2020, he was always quick to praise Harper as an important part of the team – and other U.S. U-20 players often singled out Harper as well.”

Former Celtic youngster Cameron Harper / (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Massive Celtic support in North America will keep us right on Cameron Harper

Obviously, there’s a big time difference between ourselves and the USA’s eastern coast. So, the avid Cameron Harper fans from Europe will do well to actually get to watch him play 90 minutes.

On a personal level, since joining the website, I’ve been talking to North American Celtic supporters who were keen on Harper’s talents. We’re sure they’ll keep us right as the ex-Celtic youngster continues his footballing journey back on more familiar shores.

As for the implications of the Red Bull organisation? There’s certainly precedent. Whether it’s players going from Brazil or New York to Leipzig, or even from Salzburg to Leipzig, the clubs are closely-knit and pool resources. If Harper’s able to make a big impact in the MLS, it’d surely follow that the New York side’s European partners will want to have a closer look.

While it’s obviously hypothetical, Harper has earned rave reviews for years. There was real excitement about him breaking into Celtic’s first-team plans, and it just didn’t happen in the end.

So, it’s possible that one day, Harper will line up in our opposition on an electric, famous European night at Celtic Park. For now though, he’s focussed on bringing MLS success to New York.

No pressure.

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