"Embarrassing and insulting"; Sky Sports man calls out Celtic for unacceptable supporter stance

By John McGinley

February 4, 2021

Andy Walker is hardly a pundit who is universally popular with the Celtic support. Even he’d admit that.

Of late though, he’s had some sobering things to say about the running of the club and, perhaps unusually, has called some things spot on.

It’s becoming apparent the Sky Sports man may be a better analyst of off the pitch matters than on the pitch action.

His latest comments in defence of the Celtic support ring true.

Celtic are acting appallingly and letting season ticket holders down.

The ongoing failure to address serious issues at the club is unacceptable. The Celtic board are notable by their absence.

Walker isn’t happy, telling Sky Sports: “As things stand right now, I haven’t spoken to a single Celtic supporter who believes in the current set-up and the lack of communication from a senior figure at the club to address the fans’ concerns is embarrassing and insulting.

“Season-ticket holders are being asked to buy into a set-up that is unclear. They deserve more respect than they’re currently getting from this Celtic board.

“If the board wish Neil Lennon to stay in place for the rest of this season and beyond, tell the fans. If they want to make a change at the end of the season, tell the fans.

“If a different structure altogether is to be put in place, tell the fans.”

Andy Walker is right about Celtic execs

Like Walker, I don’t know many – if any – Celtic supporters who back this campaign of secrecy.

All it’s doing is creating apathy amongst the support. Apathy is arguably more dangerous to Celtic’s future than anger.

Celtic fans deserve better / (Photo by Craig Foy/SNS Group via Getty Images)

What happens when that leads to reduced season ticket and merchandise sales? Suddenly the club have another problem to deal with.

Supporters need communication, and quickly. The failure to recognise this isn’t upsetting in the context of this season, but potentially harming our ability to compete next season too.

In other news, Celtic plan to appeal the Scottish FA charge against Albian Ajeti.