Ange makes brilliant man-management comments that show why Celtic players love him

By Euan Davidson

February 24, 2022

You’ve got to love Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou; certainly, his players have enough reason to.

Ahead of tonight’s test against Bodo/Glimt, the Hoops boss has explained his interactions with the squad that he’s largely built himself. A squad that already has one trophy, is top of the league, and is competing on multiple fronts.

A not insignificant part of the story has been Ange Postecoglou himself, and speaking ahead of the game, he gave some insight into how he manages morale. And giving credit to his players, it’s not hard to see why they like the gaffer so much.

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He said [Herald]: “We’ve just got to believe in what we do here every day in training, and what we’re trying to build. To the players’ credit, that’s what they have done for the most part. That’s why we’re sitting where we are in the league and why we’ve already won a trophy and we’re still in Europe.

“It’s because the players, most of the time they have found it. But we’re dealing with human beings, and last Thursday we didn’t deal with that well in moments of the game. Talking to the players afterwards, they understand that, and for a lot of them this is all part of the experience, mate.

“A key part of experience is living something, not talking about something. So I can talk to them about what these things are like, but they have to go and do it themselves and that’s how we get growth.

“I’m sure they know it, and a lot of the lads will have grown from what happened last week. I think you learn every week. I’ve said all along that we’re still a team that’s developing.”

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Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou needed to manage the personalities in his team well, and he’s done that

It’s difficult enough leading a squad of players, you’ve got to imagine. Let alone managing a squad who largely consist of new faces, as well as ones who, conversely, have seen it all at Celtic. There’s a real mix of experience, age and background in the Hoops squad.

Yet, Ange has been able to mould it into something quite wonderful in a very short space of time. That’s in large part down to a tactical style that players embrace and is getting results, but also down to Ange as a guy.

He said early on that the players needed to buy into him as a person. He won their trust, even amidst more disappointing outcomes. Half the Scottish commentariat threw the towel in for Celtic’s title bid after mere weeks. The players have stayed the course, though, and now it’s reaping dividends.

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While Ange is no soft-touch manager, and one who’d be terrifying in full flow if he was angry, he seems a cordial and agreeable figure. The kind you could ask advice from, the type who lets you know exactly what he needs from you.

That’s universal, and it’s surely a great feeling.

It’s no wonder why the Celtic players love Ange Postecoglou.

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