Ange Postecoglou and Mark Lawwell have it all mapped out at Celtic; ominous for rivals

By John McGinley

November 8, 2022

Ange Postecoglou believes the bulk of Celtic’s transfer planning for the January window has already been completed, with summer planning already set to get underway during the World Cup break.

We’re only a couple of months away from another important transfer period for the club, with the Celtic manager unlikely to waste the opportunity to sharpen up his squad and continue his long-term plan for the Bhoys.

In fact, today, his answer on the subject suggested the club are well down the road in enacting its strategy, with the partnership between Postecoglou and Mark Lawwell’s department strong.

Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images

Postecoglou said in his press conference [YouTube]: “We’ve already done our planning and know what we need to do [in January]. At the same time, we’ll be alert right up until the window opens.

“The reality is I don’t do the bulk of that work. The bulk of that work is being done by Mark Lawwell and his department. I come in at the tail end when we get the right ones identified, that’s when I get involved and see which ones are going to suit. That work continues to happen.

“What the break gives me is a little bit of an opportunity to plan for the rest of this season and the next summer window, rather than this January window. A lot of the work for the January window has already been done.”

The fact that Postecoglou already feels comfortable about planning out what he wants next summer to look like bodes very well for us, and rather ominously for the rest of Scottish football.

Not only do we have the best squad, manager and resources in the country – but an apparent desire for consistent and professional planning in a new era of using the Champions League as our measuring stick.

The manager is spearheading a slick operation at the moment on the football side of the club – these may well be the most confident forward-planning statements we’ve ever heard as supporters.

Calmly and rationally, Postecoglou remains intent on bringing Celtic to new heights. Let’s hope the club can deliver.

In other news, Celtic midfielder James McCarthy suffers ‘significant’ hamstring injury.