Ange Postecoglou exhibits perfect mentality for Celtic with latest comments

By Euan Davidson

November 27, 2021

Ange Postecoglou admits he takes Celtic defeats personally, and he’s using them as fuel to keep going.

Postecoglou came from the J League with excellent pedigree and several titles to his name. He’s always comes across as someone who gets it. Yes, defeats are a larger step in a bigger picture, but it doesn’t mean they don’t sting.

And that disappointment, such as he felt against Bayer Leverkusen the other night, is only spurring him on to achieve success at Celtic.

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The manager explained his feelings in the wake of the Europa League defeat on Thursday night. He said [Scottish Daily Mail, 27/11/21, print edition p. 124]:

“I just want us to be a team that competes at this level and I get disappointed when the players and the fans put everything into it and don’t get the rewards.

“I take that to heart, but it just further fuels the fire within me to make sure we get to where I want us to get to. We are a team that can compete at this level.

“I just want to compete at the highest possible level and develop a team that can play against the best on the continent.

A new dawn beckons for Celtic in Europe, as Joe Hart shows his class once again

A new dawn beckons for Celtic in Europe, as Joe Hart shows his class once again
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“That’s my ambition — and whether that’s too lofty or too unrealistic for others I don’t know. But I believe we can get there over time, particularly if we take the approach we did in Germany.

“Credit to the players, we played a good team and refused to yield.

Ange Postecoglou understands his duty to the Celtic supporters, and make no mistake

The Celtic boss understands what this all means to the supporters. He’s always seemed to. Honesty has been the key thing that’s caused fans to relate to him so heavily thus far.

Fine, he’s less familiar with Scottish football. He’s not a “Celtic man”. Neither is he, though, someone who can’t be empathetic or ambitious. There’s a reason the fans love him.

Nobody wants Ange Postecoglou to be inconsolable when Celtic lose. Nor lose sight of the bigger picture. However, he knows the other night stung. That it was frustrating in the extreme.

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Ange is right, the Celtic fans and players gave everything. Ultimately, we came up short.

Rather than wallow, it’s time to use that as the motivation we need to get better. You can’t keep Celtic fans down for long; nobody is talking about last season any more, it’s about what comes next.

That ought to be the same attitude in the squad. By the sounds of it, Postecoglou will be ensuring that it is.

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