Ange Postecoglou reaffirms affection for Celtic supporters; details Glasgow experiences

By Euan Davidson

October 23, 2021

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has been greeted with support and warmth from supporters whenever he’s ventured into Glasgow.

Having sampled some of the city’s Greek cuisine [Glasgow Times], and even been spotted out and about, he says he’s had nothing but positive greetings from locals.

From the stands, the affection has been obvious. Within weeks of his arrival, there was a chant for him and two of his signings. Whether on social media or in person, the support for Postecoglou is enormous.

It’s something the manager isn’t taking for granted.

Postecoglou said [Herald]:

“The Celtic fans have been great since I got here. Maybe I’ve just been lucky but I haven’t bumped into anyone, either at games or just out and about, who hasn’t been supportive.

“I’m hoping that if they like me it’s because of what they see. Even though the results haven’t been as smooth and as consistent as we would have wanted, I’m hoping that the way the team is playing and the way we are going about things is the way they want their football team to be.

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“Before I got here that, as much as people weren’t too aware of me, I know what Celtic Football Club is about. I know [what] the history of it is, I know what supporters want to see in their football teams. That’s what I’m trying to do. And because I’m trying to do that, the supporters are behind that.

“But like every other manager who had served at this club, I’ll be judged in the end by the success or otherwise that I bring. I’m comfortable with that. Our supporters have been fantastic towards the whole team to be fair, not just to me.

“For me, it’s something that I value and cherish.”

Of course Celtic fans are going to like someone like Ange Postecoglou

After the disaster of the 20-21 season, and months of managerial speculation, it would be fair to say Celtic fans wanted a strong-minded manager with the right ideas about football, and an appreciation for the supporters.

Within minutes of his first exposure to Celtic fans, we saw that. We saw a manager with utter ambition, a knowledge of what we expect as supporters, and an air of authority and charisma.

So, it’s natural that Celtic fans would take to Postecoglou. More than that, he just seems like a decent guy. The kind who you’d want to get a pint with, and talk about football for hours.

There doesn’t seem to be any pretension or arrogance to him. That counts for a lot. Postecoglou has gallus and confidence about him, but he’s not posing as some messianic answer to Celtic’s problems, either.

I really don’t think we’re that difficult a fanbase to please. We needed a manager with a clear footballing philosophy, who wasn’t going to tell the fans tall tales. We’ve got that, and although it’s not been entirely smooth sailing, who would’ve thought it would be?

Here’s hoping Postecoglou has plenty more positive experiences in Glasgow.

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