Ange Postecoglou reveals the final message he'll give to Celtic players in the dressing room tomorrow

By John McGinley

April 2, 2022

You’ve likely seen the footage of Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou giving a team talk prior to the Scottish League Cup final against Hibernian. It’s been doing the rounds on social media.

Celtic released it as part of their season ticket renewal campaign earlier this week, delighting and inspiring supporters who have grown to adore the Bhoys boss.

He’s had quite the journey from someone no one really knew to have fans in the palm of his hand.

Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

At today’s press conference, Postecoglou was asked about his team talks and whether or not the message on Sunday will be similar to what we heard in this week’s clip. As you’d expect, he gave an impressive answer, sharing what he’ll be telling his players at Ibrox.

Postecoglou said [Celtic YouTube]: “I don’t know if you need motivation for these kinds of games or for the cup final. It’s just about finding the words that will hopefully give the guys a good frame of reference and a clear mind about what’s needing to be done for that particular game.

“It can’t just be me trying to motivate them with something that’s not real or something that’s artificial. It’s got to be about what we’re about. And that message is there every day, whether it’s training or gameday we’re constantly reinforcing the message about who we want to be, the team we want to be, what’s important to us, and what we believe in.

“When it comes to game time I want the players clear in their minds about the kind of things that they need to rely on, not that they need to find anything special, any extra motivation or anything that we don’t talk about on a daily basis or work on on a daily basis. Sunday will be no different. I’m sure the players will be motivated. They’ll be excited by the prospect of playing in such a big game.

“The final message will be about making sure that when we go out there and are faced with the challenges we’re going to be faced with, we rely on the things that we believe in to overcome them.”

Kyogo back for Ibrox as Ange scoops yet another Celtic award | 67HH LIVE

Kyogo back for Ibrox as Ange scoops yet another Celtic award | 67HH LIVE
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From outside of Celtic, many supporters already want to run through brick walls for Ange and that’s from messages he gives through the media. It must be fantastic to be in a dressing room being directly addressed by him.

There’s so much riding on tomorrow’s game that, as Ange says, extra motivation isn’t needed. It’s about reminding them of the work they’ve already put into the season and what can now be achieved off the back of it.

If we can start the game with strong intensity tomorrow and stop Rangers pushing forward as they do in the early stages of their European games, it sets us up for a fine afternoon.

Bring it on!

In other news, Celtic supporters show big backing for players at Lennoxtown with pyro and banner ahead of derby.