Ange Postecoglou suggests there's something about Celtic he wasn't prepared for

By Euan Davidson

December 7, 2021

Ange Postecoglou has again affirmed that he wasn’t prepared for the level of adulation he’s had from Celtic fans, because he feels he doesn’t deserve it yet.

Postecoglou would’ve hoped for a bond with the Celtic supporters. After all, we’re the making of a manager. When things aren’t right at the club, the Hoops faithful are known to make their voices heard.

However, the fans are making all the right noises about Ange Postecoglou. From very early on at Celtic Park, he’s been backed by the supporters for his vision, tactics and honesty.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

In recent weeks, he’s been more forthcoming with his opinions on the Scottish media, certain aspects of the game in Scotland, and what his team can do.

That said, he’s still blown away by the response he’s getting from the Bhoys’ supporters.

Ange Postecoglou said of his relationship with the Celtic supporters [Herald]:

“I’ve said from day one, I’m not sure I’m sort of worthy of the adulation or the support I’m getting, because I’ve yet to achieve what I want to. But I can’t dismiss the fact they are right behind me, not just me, but the whole team.

“The atmosphere they create, even on Sunday when a few unfortunately couldn’t get in to the ground. The ones who were there made up for it with their noise. They are the most important part of this football club. You talk to anyone who was here last year, without the Celtic support and our fans in the stadium, there isn’t the same sort of meaning to this football club.

“It’s just about me showing my gratitude for their support.”

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Ange Postecoglou wouldn’t have been ready for the instant reaction he’s got from Celtic supporters

In fairness, you can’t really blame Ange Postecoglou for being delightfully surprised. The expectations of the fans of a massive club like Celtic are well-established.

There are plenty of factors that work in his favour, though. For one thing, Postecoglou is honest. Perhaps to a fault, allowing the Scottish media to jump on comments he makes. He’s not interested in telling the fans tall tales, or being anything less than astute when he’s assessing how a game’s gone.

After the last couple of managerial regimes – successful as they’ve been – that’s refreshing. Brendan Rodgers was massively successful, but he wasn’t exactly honest. The relationship between Neil Lennon and supporters soured when he dug his heels and stayed beyond his usefulness at Parkhead.

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Having a more holistic relationship between Celtic supporters and their manager is going to create an atmosphere more conducive to winning.

Postecoglou has said this kind of thing before. He’s not been falsely modest, either. Football fans in Australia and Japan absolutely adore him, but primarily because he won trophies. He’s not done that at Celtic, yet. He knows the consequences of failure, but that’s not going to deter him from enjoying a bond with the Hoops fans.

Speaking personally, I’m struggling to remember a closer relationship between a new manager and the Celtic supporters. It’s been a remarkable 6, 7 months.

The fact we’re winning matches helps a great deal. Long may it continue, and for Ange to be the toast of the Celtic support.

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