Ange Postecoglou's perfect Celtic response to Steven Gerrard speculation

By Euan Davidson

November 10, 2021

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has delivered a typically thoughtful response to talk of Steven Gerrard leaving Rangers.

His thoughts? It was none of his business.

In the most respectful “I really don’t care” in footballing history, Ange was keen to point out that his work is with Celtic. Frankly, the former Australia boss was thankfully more concerned about what his club are doing.

The Celtic manager said [Clyde 1]:

“They’re the kind of distractions that I avoid, to be honest. I’ve been really laser-focused on here, and I’ll continue to be.

“It’s like when we watch TV these days, people binge a series in one night, because we don’t want to sit there and wait another week for an episode which is what we used to do in the old days. I feel like people want to binge this season as well! One result and it’s over, one good result and it’s done.

“We are genuinely witnessing a really special Celtic front three” | Scott McDonald on 67 Hail Hail

“We are genuinely witnessing a really special Celtic front three” | Scott McDonald on 67 Hail Hail
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“I’m just making everyone really aware that we can’t get distracted by anything. By anyone else, or anything else. Because we’re trying to build something.

“When you’re trying to build something and be successful, you can’t afford to look over your fence. We have to build our house, make it nice and beautiful, then see how it stacks up against the rest of the neighbourhood.”

Ange Postecoglou strikes diplomatic tone over Steven Gerrard

Have to admit, I didn’t see the Celtic manager evoking catch-up TV in his remarks about Steven Gerrard.

But Ange Postecoglou is manager of the month. Steven Gerrard is likely on his way out of Scottish football. Why should the J League and A League winner care, particularly?

What seems obvious is that Ange is far from likely to get distracted in gossip and what’s happening around the league. His only concern is winning the thing.

Photo by ANDREAS HILLERGREN/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images

Granted, some chaos at Rangers might help that. But only if the Bhoys continue to pick up results. That’s the only way it’ll happen.

In his own esoteric way, this was a diplomatic move by Postecoglou. There’s no beef with Gerrard, so why start one with a snarky comment in his direction?

Celtic fans might be enjoying today’s news cycle, for reasons of pure schadenfreude. But the manager?

Not a chance.

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