As Celtic await an update on the future of the Scottish Cup, many other Scottish football fans slammed the SFA for their latest statement.

Many people had gotten their hopes up that clarity on the lower leagues, the Scottish Cup, and grassroots football was going to be released yesterday. March 1st was the date promised by the SFA in a previous statement regarding when we could expect an update.

However, yesterday’s “update” was truly deflating for Scottish football. With grassroots and lower-league football (League One downward) halted for now, many expected a solution. All we got was the SFA claiming they had been in talks with the government and that we were awaiting an update.

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The Daily Record provided some clarity on what’s been going on here. They reported that the government had been expected to give the SFA a decision three times over the last week. As of yet, the game’s governing body has yet to receive their verdict.

Given the SFA had promised an update, they knew they had to send out a statement. Even if it was effectively a statement saying absolutely nothing. Which this more or less was.

Grassroots and lower league football can’t be treated as unimportant; Celtic and others await true SFA update

It’s left us hopefully receiving news on what’s going to happen at some stage this week.

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But it’s vital that grassroots and lower league football in particular isn’t dismissed as unimportant. If it was only the Scottish Cup being affected, you could see why it would be bottom of the priority list.

However, clubs from League One down have lost enough money already to the pandemic. Keeping them from completing their league campaigns could lead to some further cuts. This is as much an economy-based decision just as much as it is a sporting one.

Grassroots football simply must return ASAP

Grassroots football simply must return ASAP (Photo by Visionhaus)

The return of grassroots football is also essential. Youngsters need to fall back in love with football as soon as possible, or else it will be PS5 over pitches being chosen by the next generation. Every day this is delayed, the effect gets worse. Yes, the government has their hands full, but a verdict must be reached.

Many will say the SFA handed the government the lower-leagues as some sort of sacrifice for Celtic’s Dubai saga. If you believe that, you’ll believe anything. But there’s no denying yesterday’s statement was a massive disappointment.

We took a look at the reaction to have a look at the average Scottish football fan’s main conerns. Here’s what we found:


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