Australian press slam rivals' media approach; believe Celtic boss is showing them up

By David Walton

November 24, 2021

Australian news broadcaster Fox Sports has ripped into Rangers for their charging of media outlets to cover their team, as they believe Celtic and Ange Postecoglou are showing them up.

Rangers made the ridiculous decision to charge between £10k and £25k for differing levels of media access to the club. This was labelled as the club letting “their success go to their heads” by certain journalists [Daily Mail].

Celtic, meanwhile, have continued to have a much more open and non-selective relationship with both mainstream and fan media. Ange Postecoglou has fronted up to almost every press opportunity and in a brutally honest approach that has seen him adored by the Celtic support.

Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

And it’s something that’s been picked up by Fox News, who were perplexed by Rangers’ media approach when compared to Celtic’s:

“Rangers demanded organisations pay between £10,000 to £25,000 [$AUD18,000 to $AUD45,000] to attend their manager’s press conferences or take photos on matchdays. No mainstream organisations opted to meet that outrageous demand, meaning Postecoglou’s face and words receive even more play in the media than usual.

“In total opposite to the approach of his rivals, he has never shied from the media, almost always attending media obligations in person rather than send an assistant manager. And he has spoken to a host of smaller outlets too, regularly offering long interviews with YouTube channels.

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“Always he speaks of the influential role of his father and his personal journey as much as his desire for the club to succeed – not just a media-savvy manager but a man very much of the people. It is an image completed by his trademark look, donning somewhat casual pants with a button-up shirt and tie invariably covered by a club pullover.”

Ange Postecoglou honesty is helping him win over Celtic support

There’s something about Postecoglou’s media conferences that you just can’t stop watching. The way he carries himself every time he faces up to the press is just so refreshing. When you think back to what we had to deal with in Neil Lennon last season, it’s just brilliant to have such a change of pace.

You get the sense that Ange knows not to fabricate anything in front of the Celtic supporters. He tells things like they are and that’s something the fanbase has come to respect from him. It certainly allowed him extra time earlier this season when the results were still playing catch-up for him.

But now, the relationship he has with the support is incredible. It’s as strong a relationship as a manager has had with the fans for about 4 or 5 years. The connection and bond between them is a joy to behold.

Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Of course, only results will dictate whether Postecoglou is a successful Cetic manager. Being a nice, relatable person will only get you so far. In reality, it’s just a bonus.

But even if he left the club tomorrow you wouldn’t find a single Celtic supporter who wished him badly. He’s become far too likeable and you can sense a growing respect between himself and the media too.

Hopefully that keeps growing as he continues to be open and honest in his pressers.

In other news, Celtic player who cost Ange badly in July now seriously impressing him