Bertie Auld's greatest quotes sum up why he was so loved by Celtic supporters

By David Walton

November 14, 2021

Bertie Auld’s passing has instantly united Scottish football as tributes pour in from around the country regarding the Celtic legend.

The club released a statement confirming the devastating news this evening. It’s news that’s left every Celtic supporter absolutely gutted as they reflect on the life of a man whose achievements are respected and admired regardless of which team you grew up supporting.

Bertie, as we all know, played an instrumental role in Celtic’s European Cup win back in 1967. His Parkhead record stood at 5 Scottish league titles, 4 League Cups, and 3 Scottish Cups.

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

But it was never just his achievements on the park that earned him iconic status. It was the incredible humility, character, and humour off the pitch of a figure so great that you didn’t even have to meet him to feel as if he was your friend.

I was fortunate enough to be graced by his presence personally back in 2018 for the first time outside Parkhead as I desperately tried to get a photo. The sheer aura the man carried with him was indescribable. Yet he never once carried his icon tag with any sort of arrogance or boastfulness. He would answer any questions you had with the utmost enthusiasm, but he also made sure to ensure the conversation was never all about himself.

Engaged in conversation with one of Celtic’s greatest ever idols, all of a sudden questions would bounce your way that you simply didn’t expect. “So how are you doing?” “What brings you to Celtic Park today?” “How do you think we’ll do this weekend?”. All questions Bertie asked me personally on that memorable July afternoon.

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£5million insurance payout for Celtic | 2020/2021 accounts analysed
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

Bertie Auld – a hero, an icon, and a friend to all Celtic supporters

Here I was, a total nobody, being made to feel 10 feet tall by a man who always treated his fans with the love and respect he got from them. It was never a show. You can’t fake the sincerity and interest Bertie always seemed to have for individual supporters young and old.

And it’s why when I saw the severely upsetting news of his death this evening, it wasn’t his footballing achievements that came to mind at first, it was the day he made a humble Celtic supporter feel like a close friend. It was the day we stood together for 15 minutes at the front doors of Celtic Park getting to know each other.

For that was Bertie – he had all the time in the world for every one of us.

And as we reflect on his passing on 67HailHail this evening, we take a look at some of his greatest ever quotes and quips from the past via Celtic Wiki:

Bertie to Tiny Wharton(Referee): “If I call you an a*sehole Mr Wharton will I get booked?”
Tiny: “Yes Mr Auld. You’d be in trouble.”
Bertie: “What if I just thought you were an a*sehole, what would happen?”
Tiny: “If you just thought it nothing would happen”
Bertie: “Well Mr Wharton, I think you’re an a*sehole”

John Greig (Rangers): ‘Whats your bonus?
Bertie Auld: “£5”.
John Greig: “We’re on £10.”
Bertie Auld: “Ours is guaranteed.”
Bertie Auld & John Greig ahead of a Celtic v Rangers game.

“You are Celtic. The support are Celtic.”
Bertie Auld

“Every time I walk in the front door at Celtic Park, I still feel an immense pride, and at the same time an immense humility because of the way the fans respond to all of the Lisbon Lions.”
Bertie Auld

“Just to be involved with a great football club like Glasgow Celtic was an honour, but actually to be part of that history, winning the club’s only European Cup fills me with pride.”
Bertie Auld

Photo by Don Morley/Allsport/Getty Images

“Right, son, did you see that place they called the Jungle? That’s where you will find the fans crammed in when you are playing. You can make these guys love you. You perform for them and they’ll repay you. This support has got a great knowledge. They’ll encourage you and they’ll never forget you.”
Bertie Auld’s dad to Bertie Auld on his signing during his introductory tour of Celtic Park (1955)

“What I noticed when I walked into the dressing room was the jerseys hanging on the pegs – the colours seemed special. I think it was the sunlight, but the jerseys seemed like sparkling Green and White like I have never seen before. They looked special.”
Bertie Auld before the Lisbon European Cup Final.

On being asked how the (at that time, current early 1990’s) Rangers team that went on to win nine in a row, would fair if they were to play a match against the Lions, Bertie replied:
“If I’m honest I think it would be a draw, but to be fair most of us are in our sixties!”

Bertie Auld to Jim Brogan:
“Jim what was your favourite moment in football, scoring the winning goal against the Rangers or carrying the hamper for the Lisbon Lions?”

“Just to be involved with a great football club like Glasgow Celtic was an honour, but actually to be part of that history, winning the club’s only European Cup fills me with pride.”
Bertie Auld