Bonner goes all in on Lawwell; says Celtic owe supporters an apology

By David Walton

January 13, 2021

Celtic great Pat Bonner has hit out at Peter Lawwell and believes the club owes the supporters an apology.

Like the rest of us, Pat clearly can’t believe the developments over the last week. Celtic have gone from one shambles to the next this season, but the Dubai trip really did cross a line.

The fact it’s caused such devastation to our own season after yet more dropped points against Hibs us unforgivable. The irony isn’t lost on anyone either given the trip to the UAE was supposed to freshen us up.

And Bonner slammed Lawwell for not dishing out an apology to all Celtic supporters. Speaking on the Go Radio Football Show, Bonner said the following:

“If I had the opportunity and somebody to talk to inside Celtic I would’ve phoned up and been really angry. I’m also a shareholder at the club, albeit very small, but all of those people – the fans, shareholders – they have a right to hear from the club and from Peter Lawwell.

“From a perception point of view, for going out there in the current climate even though they had planned it in November. Things change and there are things changing on a daily and weekly basis. It’s not about whether you did the protocols right, it’s about in the current climate when people can’t leave their houses, they’re really struggling, people in hospitals.

“We’ll learn from it and we’ll move on’ – I would like to hear that because it would go somewhere to at least saying they’re thinking about what they’re doing. Anybody within the board, whoever’s the spokesman from a leadership point of view, should be coming out and saying, ‘Listen, guys, we’ve got this wrong and we’ll admit we didn’t read it properly. We got it wrong from that perspective’”.

Bonner pulls no punches; Lawwell and Celtic must show some regret

The approach from the club has definitely angered many. There’s been no remorse to it. No apology. Just a belief that they’ve done everything right with regards to protocols in a bid to try and save their embarrassment.

A classy club wouldn’t be so selfish in their approach. In truth, how well would you have looked upon Celtic if they had come back and offered deep regret and held their hands up? Or if they had apologised to Hibernian for the inconvenience they put them through too?

Or, god forbid, we actually came home early when things were worsening in Scotland. There was nothing to stop Celtic from taking a quick leave from the UAE and coming home. That they stubbornly completed their trip wasn’t a great look in my view.

Former Celtic keeper Pat Bonner / (Photo by Roberto Ricciuti/Getty Images)

Bonner is only reflecting how we all feel towards Celtic at the moment. Anger, bewilderment, desperation, acceptance, disappointment. All of these feelings are present within how we view the club’s current way of operating.

And it has even more power coming from a shareholder of the club, regardless of how small. A direct contributor to the club being totally ignored by those higher up the pecking order. Rarely is Bonner this furious with the club’s operations.

Then again, they’e done everything they can to ignore us all season.

In other news, a BBC reporter has finally vindicated Celtic fans after he previously bashed supporters.