Brendan Rodgers has again reiterated his support of Celtic, even though he left the club in very controversial circumstances.

Rodgers quit Celtic in February during a title race to move to Leicester City, in a move which shocked fans due to the nature of its timing.

Now Rodgers has discussed his departure from Celtic with FourFourTwo, and he also mentioned his support of the club.


“It was always going to be a really difficult choice, because I was living my dream at Celtic” he told FourFourTwo magazine (Issue 308, January 2020, Page. 57).

“It wasn’t ideal timing”

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“It wasn’t ideal timing for lots of people…following Celtic as a boy, you know that you have to win every game. You don’t even have that down here with the biggest clubs – sometimes you draw and that’s still a good result. But at Celtic, it never is.”

This is not the first time Rodgers has referred to ‘living my dream’ talking about his time at Celtic. He mentioned that and his lifelong support of Celtic in a statement to the club website when he left – “I have been a Celtic supporter all my life” he said in the statement.


There is really no need for Rodgers to mention his childhood support of Celtic any more. It is not like that is going to make fans feel any happier about the circumstances of his departure from the club.

Achievements will be appreciated in time

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Eventually Celtic fans will probably appreciate what Rodgers did in his time with the club. Winning seven domestic trophies in a row and the 69 game unbeaten domestic run are incredible achievements.

Perhaps rather ominously, he said to the Scotsman in April 2018 that he was “living the dream here but one day it’ll finish” – just that few expected it during the season. He also said, as reported by the Telegraph that “If I was making the decision emotionally, with my heart, I’d never leave Celtic” – that comment and his recent ones won’t make any fans feel better about his exit.

The nature of his departure won’t be forgotten any time soon. As Rodgers himself says, ‘the timing wasn’t ideal’. That is putting it mildly.

Departing Celtic 24 hours before a trip to Tynecastle is bad timing. That cannot be denied. At least Rodgers seems to have recognised that the timing wasn’t great. However, it might take him a while to realise that he isn’t the most popular man at Celtic at the moment.

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