Bundesliga youth coach provides fantastic insight into Celtic boss' training methods

By David Walton

April 19, 2022

Hertha Berlin youth coach Thomas Broich has delivered a superb insight into Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou’s training sessions and his attention to detail.

Broich played under Ange between 2010 and 2012 during their days together at Brisbane Roar. Together, the duo scooped up the A-League title back in 2011 with Broich falling back in love with football during that period.

Beforehand, the current Hertha coach was playing with Borussia Monchengladbach and was a Germany under-21 international. However, after leaving his home country, it’s clear that Ange had a huge impact on him as both a man and as a coach. And speaking to Optus Sport, Broich has provided some details on what would happen in Ange’s sessions:

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“For years and years, I’ve always told people in Germany about this guy from Australia that basically taught me everything I needed to know about the game of football, because prior to that, football to me was like improv. I went out there and I did my stuff and didn’t quite know. Some days it worked, others it didn’t, but I didn’t understand why.

“His video analysis sessions were just great, and the way he approached training… There was so much attention to detail. Everything derived from the actual game of football, like every passing drill, every possession game, it made so much sense, and he was so uncompromising in the way of his brand of football as well.

“At training, for instance, we weren’t allowed to kick a ball over waist height. We had to play out under pressure no matter what. And if we stuffed up, it wasn’t like, ‘Well, okay, next time let’s just kick it long’. It was like, ‘No, this is what I want you guys to do. And this is how I teach my boys’. I know that it’s a difficult process in the beginning. We were losing a lot of games with Ange, and the same thing happened with every team that he joined basically.

“If you look at the Celtic now, and I spoke to a journalist the other day, they’re calling the brand of football Angeball now, right? So already, it’s working again.”

What next for Ange Postecoglou and Celtic after defeat to Rangers | 67HH LIVE

What next for Ange Postecoglou and Celtic after defeat to Rangers | 67HH LIVE
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Celtic boss’ attention to detail separates him from the pack

Ange has always maintained that Celtic train how they would play. Whilst that didn’t quite work out against Rangers at Hampden on Sunday, they’ve proven that to be the case over the course of the season.

Ange has an incredible reputation back in Australia and in Japan too. It’s clear he’s picking up some credit over in Germany as well. No doubt those down south will also be impressed with how he’s just about ended Rangers’ dominance of Scottish football.

It’s that attention to detail that Ange provides that separates him from the pack. If it weren’t for the intensity and details involved in his training sessions, we would be nowhere near the position we’re in.

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And Broich is right. There was a slow start under the manager in which people were questioning his methods. Indeed, combining the environment of football in Glasgow with a period of ropey results is never a good match. But Ange has come through it and now we’re staring at potential Scottish Premiership title success.

The exciting part? This is only Ange’s debut season. If he can keep this squad together then goodness knows how well we could do on the European stage and what improvements we will be able to make domestically.

Clearly, his training methods have played a big part in that.

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