Catholic United shirt stocks run out after Celtic fans rush to buy

By Euan Davidson

September 7, 2021

Since Celtic signed for Catholic United youngster Cameron Carter-Vickers on loan, the small Essex-based club have had an interesting week.

With Carter-Vickers’ youth football background coming to light, Celtic supporters have been following Catholic United with interest. Their social media uptake has been enormous, with their club chairman even thanking Bhoys supporters.

Turns out it’s not just moral support and Twitter following though. Catholic United have seen their wallets grow for the sharp rise in interest from Celtic supporters, with their shirts running out.

Now, perhaps it’s presumptuous to suggest it’s just Celtic fans, but look at the kits. With the famous Hoops, and some genuinely lovely away kits on offer, you have to imagine it’s at least mostly Bhoys fans buying this merchandise.

And why not? Fine, the all-green arms on the home kit are a little different, but the basic formula is the same.

There’s certainly a possibility that, beyond their own support, Tottenham Hotspur and USA fans have been buying the part-time club’s kits. However, the sudden nature of the sell-outs, combined with a huge surge in general interest from Celtic fans, means we can safely add 2 and 2 together here.

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Celtic fans are doing their bit to show appreciation for Catholic United

And there’s a lovely symmetry to all this, too.

After all, it was Celtic themselves who gifted Catholic United with the iconic Green and White Hoops [Catholic United]. Now, all these years later, it’s Celtic fans flocking to buy these kits, due to an American international joining us on loan.

From being a gift to Catholic United, it’s their hooped kit that Bhoys fans are buying en masse.

Supporting a wee team from Southend-on-Sea due to their affiliation with our glorious club is not something to be scoffed at. While we shouldn’t make a huge fuss about it, it is heartening. Celtic fans are dipping into their pockets to help support a team that will welcome a windfall.

Photo by BuildPix/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

You have to wonder what Cameron Carter-Vickers thinks now. 3 days ago, the loanee said [Celtic FC]:

“I think that’s great. Catholic United was my Sunday League team, I played there from when I was five to maybe 11-years-old and I think it’s great that a small club like that can get help.”

Could a pre-season friendly or an invitation to Celtic Park come next for the Essex club?

We’d like to think so.

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