Celtic AGM: Nicholson questioned on potential Parkhead expansion within 5 years

By David Walton

November 17, 2021

Celtic Chief Executive Michael Nicholson has today been questioned at the club’s AGM on a potential Parkhead expansion within 5 years.

The Hoops’ famous old stadium currently sits over 60,000 supporters and holds one of the most famous atmospheres in world football.

Over the years, plenty of adjustments and upgrades have been made to all sorts of amenities and areas of the stadium. However, the capacity itself hasn’t increased since the late 1990s redevelopment.

Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

However, today, a shareholder put forward a question to the Chief Executive on potentially bolstering the main stand in order to attract 70,000 spectators to Parkhead within the next 5 years.

Speaking via the Football Scotland live blog [13:08], Nicholson said: “We’d all be delighted to develop Celtic Park further. We’ve got limited resources and have to allocate that to the priority which is on the pitch.”

“In next five years? It would be on the horizon, if we could get it to work.”

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Celtic Park expansion puts forward an interesting question

In fairness, the prospect of enlarging Celtic Park to attract more visitors may not actually be to everyone’s approval.

There’s something unique about the Main Stand being “incomplete”. You can’t help but feel that it only helps to add to the atmosphere. It’s what we’ve come to grow used to, and seeing our stadium modified would certainly take some adapting to.

But then again, imagine what Parkhead would look like with an upper-tier on the Main Stand. It would be a sight to behold and could perhaps only move to improve the atmosphere further in Scotland’s best stadium.

Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images

For now, it doesn’t appear to be imminent, let’s put it that way. It doesn’t seem as if Celtic have any major plans to kickstart any development.

The cost of building a new tier for a start would require some heavy investment. Given Nicholson is paying lip service to the idea of “limited resources”, that comes across as a thinly-veiled message to forget about it for now.

But there will come a day when this topic has some serious thought put into it. There’s no doubt about that.

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