Celtic and SPFL season may not finish as Jason Leitch declares current situation 'fragile'

By John McGinley

January 15, 2021

Scotland’s National Clinical Director Jason Leitch has been speaking to Sky Sports this afternoon, and there’s a growing possibility the Celtic season may not finish as planned.

He’s declared the current situation for elite sport ‘fragile’.

As quoted by the broadcaster, Leitch said: “Elite professional sport has done well during the pandemic, in the main they’ve followed the guidance and the rules really well, but it’s fragile. The situation we find ourselves in is fragile.

“Professional sport all over the UK has privileges, special privileges that other people don’t have.

“They are at work, they are training, they are being paid, and they are getting to do what they love.

“That’s not true of all of us, so they have to be cautious.”

Jason Leitch comments ominous for Celtic and Scottish football

It’s the latest hint that the entire Scottish Premiership season is now at risk.

Earlier today, SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster raised the possibility of ‘null and void’ being on the table, along with a variety of other options, should the action be curtailed again.

The pandemic continues to impact us all and, at this point, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to hear that elite sport will be cancelled.

Part of me was expecting that announcement from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon earlier this month.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon / (Photo by Fraser Bremner – Pool/Getty Images)

Authorities must take any steps necessary to protect public health and if that means football is put on the back burner then so be it.

Celtic have already taken steps to furlough academy sides after football below Scottish Championship level was put on hold.

With a vaccine providing hope and stricter lockdowns hopefully easing pressure on the NHS, this isn’t a permanent situation.

We can only hope the situation improves across the board. If football continues, it’s a decent sign authorities have the pandemic under control as much as possible elsewhere.

In other news, another protest banner has been unveiled outside Celtic Park.