Celtic announce 'incredible' demand for latest Adidas partnership

By John McGinley

March 26, 2023

The Adidas launch of Celtic-themed Samba shoes has gone down a storm with supporters this week, with the club announcing they’ve sold out online and are now only available in a number of select physical locations around Scotland.

Searching for the trainers on the official Celtic store does not return any results, with fans acting quickly to snap up all that was available in every size, online.

It’s further proof that fans simply can’t get enough of the ongoing partnership with the German sportswear manufacturer, despite a whole host of merchandising already being released this year – including an unprecedented fourth kit.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Celtic and Adidas relationship remains box office

Before the fourth kit was due to launch, I queried on the website whether or not Celtic and Adidas were at risk of diluting interest in their releases. It’s fair to say at this point they haven’t. Fans are as keen as ever to weigh in on what’s being offered.

From a business perspective, it’s great news for Celtic. It’s proof, if nothing else, that the club is a valuable proposition in the sportswear industry if the products look the part and connect with the support.

The success of the relationship over the last couple of years will only increase Celtic’s hand when it comes round to renegotiating a kit deal with Adidas, or leveraging into another deal with one of the other big names in the industry.

Supporters, in turn, are getting products they feel are worth what they put into the club – even if that ends up being quite a lot of money across the season. With four kits launched, multiple fashion ranges and now an exclusive edition of Adidas’ iconic Sambas line, there are a lot of choices.

All eyes will now be on what kits they come up with next season as we enter that time of year leaks can pop up at any time!

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