Celtic forced to close city centre shop this weekend

By Euan Davidson

May 14, 2021

We couldn’t say this with certainty, but we don’t imagine Celtic supporters are rushing to buy merchandise currently.

Least of all this weekend, with the failure of this season ringing in our ears. Even more so, with our rivals most likely running rampant across Glasgow on Saturday [BBC]. We pre-emptively wish benches across Scotland’s biggest city the very best.

With all of that in mind, Celtic have decided to keep the Argyle Street branch of the club shop closed on the 15th [Celtic FC]. A statement from the club read:

“Our Argyle Street store will be closed this Saturday, May 15. For supporters who were planning a shopping trip this weekend, the Superstore at Celtic Park will be open for business as usual and our online store is always open!

“The Argyle Street store will open again at 11am on Sunday, May 16.”

A nice, old photo of George Square / (Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Aye, probably for the best from a Celtic perspective

It would be hypocritical to suggest Celtic supporters wouldn’t be out celebrating if the tables were turned. However, the last “title party” Rangers had caused thousands of pounds of damage across Glasgow [Glasgow Times].

Clearly, the long, long wait for a title got some a bit overexcited. And sadly, it’s very possible that we’ll see similar scenes this weekend. Our rival’s supporters are already putting up flags in George Square, but fans are being warned to just stay home.

There’s still a pandemic on, after all.

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said this week [BBC]:

“I understand Rangers supporters will want to celebrate what will be a huge day for the club – but we are in a crucial and fragile stage in our fight against the virus, with a new variant and eased restrictions adding to the risks.

“I strongly urge fans to mark the occasion safely and within the Covid restrictions that are in place to protect the public. The strong message is that no-one – including fans – should congregate anywhere in large numbers.”

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