Celtic are officially considering worldwide membership scheme

By Euan Davidson

June 1, 2021

Celtic have been considering a membership scheme for Hoops fans worldwide.

In response to a tweet from a supporter, SLO John Paul Taylor confirmed that the club had been considering something akin to Bayern Munich. A membership scheme would potentially involve ticket incentives, messages from players, discounts on merchandise/tours and other bonuses.

It’d be a great way to entice Celtic supporters from overseas to contribute to the club, and to visit Paradise. Plenty of CSCs from abroad already visit for match days, from Ireland to Poland. However, there are also significant Celtic supporters groups in North America and Australia, to give just two examples.

You can view the exchange here:

Undoubtedly, this would be a great way to allow ex-pats and supporters overseas to feel more connected to the club. Simple things, like access to match programmes, memorabilia and members meet-ups would surely help to foster a real supporters’ club feel, especially for those who aren’t within easy reach of a big city.

A game between Manchester United and Celtic in Seattle attracted huge crowds / (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

Could bring huge benefit to Celtic

While it’s not the value of a season ticket, the idea of memberships is hardly original and it’s a great way to generate income. The fact that Celtic hadn’t thought to do this earlier is a bit of a mystery.

While there will be nay-sayers who look at the ticket implications and worry about a “tourist league” atmosphere, the atmosphere would not be affected. Tickets for matches for those on the membership scheme wouldn’t affect seats reserved by season ticket holders. Equally, it’s unlikely that people who are willing to part with their hard-earned money to feel part of a club they can only visit infrequently would sit quietly at Celtic Park.

For what it’s worth, this is a really good idea, and a potentially lucrative one. It’s not cynical or exploitative, it’s just letting people from all over the world feel part of something bigger. Their investment would surely be returned with some enticing rewards, and it’s something clubs of all sizes already do, to at least some degree.

Not all aspects of modern football are uniformly good. However, this would represent Celtic joining the current century in terms of interacting with supporters. That can’t be too bad a thing.

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