Celtic board need to show fans they can trust them; next appointment is huge

By Euan Davidson

March 17, 2021

The Celtic board have everyone’s attention. Amongst the new manager talk at Celtic, there’s room for excitement.

Wherever your opinions lay, any kind of change after the sad last year of Neil Lennon’s tenure represents incredible intrigue. The football “product” became poor under the former midfield general. Players who have delighted us before laboured, the mentality and body language looked all wrong.

Clearly, we need someone to come in and change the atmosphere at Lennoxtown.

Amidst the excitement, though, there’s a gut feeling of worry. A lot of supporters and pundits want Roy Keane, others find his brand of shouting to be demoralising. It says a great deal, in a very bad way, that the club reportedly wanted to re-hire Martin O’Neill and/or Gordon Strachan. Links to Mick McCarthy wouldn’t go away.

After this season in particular, it’s been incredibly hard to trust the board. Nigh-on impossible, in some ways. The “added value” furore, the utter complacency coming into 20-21, all of it. Do you trust the Celtic board to get the task of choosing the next manager right? I’m not sure about you, but I’m deeply concerned.

It’s not that we’re stuck for options. You could feasibly argue that there are almost too many good options. This morning, Jesse Marsch has – depending on how you read it – lobbied for the job [BBC]. Eddie Howe has never ruled himself out. Others like Enzo Maresca and Jindřich Trpišovský represent a gamble, but have a proven track record of doing exactly what a huge number of Celtic fans want.

Yet, it feels like a regressive move is in the post. This is a critical time for the club, and the board.

Peter Lawwell unveils Brendan Rodgers at Celtic / (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Celtic board have to go all in, just like they did with Rodgers

Remember the excitement when Brendan Rodgers joined Celtic?

It was justified. His time at Liverpool had been so promising, but hadn’t ended brilliantly. Here was a man with a clear tactical vision with something to prove. Needless to say, it worked a treat, and we were justified in our anticipation.

That needs to happen again. It wouldn’t forgive all of the sins of the board this campaign. But God – the Celtic supporters need reasons to be excited after the failure of this campaign. Someone like Roy Keane, for me at least, just doesn’t do that. We need to know that when we go back to Paradise, it’ll be to a feverish atmosphere, playing purebeautifulinventive football.

Are we entitled? You know what – if we are seen that way, we’re seen that way. We’re used to excellence.

That changes if the board get it wrong. Would you rather have a “spoilt” support, or a righteously angry one? I know what I’d choose.

So, if you’re a director at Celtic and happen to be reading: please, do not get this wrong. We need to see some bravery and ingenuity from the Bhoys board. A nostalgic or sentimental appointment will not work.

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